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Written by Adam Miller
Let the friendly and experienced insurance agents of InsurTexas help ensure you have enough life insurance coverage when it's needed most.

Over the last few decades, there has been a noticeable shift in the way Americans make financial decisions and plan for the future. Instead of taking their time, conducting research and weighing all viable options, many people now opt for the quick and simple solutions, from selecting a bank to making major purchases and even planning for the future. Consumers are easily swayed by anything that will save them time and make their decision-making easier, even when it comes to financial planning and preparing for the future with their life insurance options.

For many Americans, their primary source of life insurance coverage is their employer-provided group life insurance. Many large corporations provide a basic life insurance policy to their employees for free or a greatly reduced cost, with the premiums taken as a payroll deduction. Employees may also get the option to increase their insurance coverage so their beneficiaries receive larger survivor benefits. Employees will often choose to get the employer-provided life insurance for its ease and simplicity since it eliminates the need to research companies and compare offers. Many people solely rely on these basic employer-based group life insurance policies without considering the shortfalls and issues that may arise later.

The biggest issue that can arise from only having employer-based life insurance and not individual life insurance coverage is that you will likely not have enough insurance coverage when you need it most. Many employer-based group life insurance policies have strict limits on how much life insurance you can have based on your existing salary level, and the insurance coverage limits for your spouse and children are even smaller. Therefore, you run the risk of you or your family members not having enough insurance benefits to cover the loss of wages, funeral expenses and other outstanding debts.

Another major downfall to solely relying on employer-provided group life insurance is that you as the consumer get no choice in the life insurance provider, the death benefits or the insurance restrictions or exclusions. Employer-provided life insurance policies generally require you to go through your employer's Human Resources or Benefits department first to get assistance, and getting answers to policy questions can be very difficult. In addition, you are less likely to be informed of any policy exclusions or restrictions, which may greatly impact the approval, timeliness and ease of your survivor benefit payout.

Finally, having life insurance only through your employer means that if you lose your job or quit, you will need to quickly find replacement life insurance. It is extremely risky to have no life insurance coverage since accidents can happen anytime, and getting new life insurance coverage may mean having a gap in coverage.

If you want to ensure that you and you loved ones have the necessary life insurance coverage when you need it most, contact the life insurance experts of Aegis. Their experienced and friendly agents will help you evaluate your current income levels, long-term goals and beneficiary plans and will create a life insurance package that helps you or your loved ones in that time of need. Aegis offers many affordable life insurance options for you and your family with a diverse selection of insurance coverage, such as whole life insurance, term life insurance and universal life insurance. Having individual life insurance policies separate from your employer insures that you or your loved ones can quickly receive survivor benefits without the added time and difficulty of navigating through your employer first. In addition, you will get a full range of essential information regarding your life insurance policy, insurance claims, exclusions and restrictions so that you understand all aspects of this very important policy. Contact the agents of Aegis today, or request a quote online today.

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