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Written by Adam Miller

As warmer weather makes it way back to Houston, many boat and watercraft owners begin preparing for fishing and sailing in the Gulf Coast and area lakes. Preparation will often include routine maintenance on their engines, fishing equipment, safety gear, sails or other equipment. One important preparation that should never be overlooked by boat and watercraft owners is ensuring that they are fully protected with Watercraft Insurance. Not having Watercraft Insurance coverage for watercraft vehicles can leave owners adrift if disaster strikes.

Boats and other kinds of watercraft are highly valuable assets, whether used for recreation or commercial purposes. Boaters, sailors and commercial fishermen can benefit from quality Watercraft Insurance because of the protection it offers for damages to the watercraft. Boats and other watercraft vehicles can be very expense to replace or repair, but Watercraft Insurance can help expedite that process by protecting the watercraft's value. This is especially critical for commercial fishermen, whose livelihoods depend on bringing in fresh fish and other seafood on a daily basis. Any repair delays for their commercial fishing boats can create a financial disaster for their fishing business.

For boaters, sailors and fishermen in the Houston area, Watercraft Insurance is especially important because hurricanes and other tropical storms are more common in our area. Watercraft Insurance can cover the value of the boat, motor, and transportation trailer from damages that occur in the water, or while transporting the vehicle.

Watercraft Insurance can also provide owners with Medical Payments coverage in the event of an accident that requires medical attention. An accident that occurs on a lake or in the ocean can quickly escalate into a serious situation, so it is important to have Watercraft Insurance to help offset high medical expenses that can often result from accidents or collisions involving watercraft. Watercraft Insurance can also include Liability Coverage to help protect owners if there is an incident involving another person or another watercraft.

Whether it's for a small boat or a large commercial fishing vessel, it is important to have proper Watercraft Insurance coverage before hitting the water. Watercraft Insurance allows owners to have peace of mind as they sail or fish, knowing that they are fully protected in the event of damage or an accident. The friendly and experienced agents at Aegis can tailor a Watercraft Insurance policy that meets specific needs, whether for a recreational sailboat, a family jet ski, or a commercial fishing vessel. By bundling Watercraft Insurance with other insurance policies, such as Home, Auto, Life or Business, owners can save hundreds on annual policy premiums with Aegis. Contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online for a free quote today!

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