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Keep Your Family and Property Safe This Holiday Season

Whether you're taking a road trip to see loved ones, flying to your dream vacation spot, or staying home to celebrate with family, the holiday season can be a busy time of travel and activity, but it's not a time to let your guard down when it comes to safety. Learn some helpful tips on how to keep your family and your property safer this holiday season, and how Aegis can help you protect what matters most.

Don't Let Your Guard Down

The holidays can be a fun but chaotic time of the year so it's important to be vigilant about safety no matter what you're doing. If you're shopping, be sure to not leave shopping bags or packages inside your vehicle out in plain sight. Car burglars are always looking for quick and easy targets, so be sure to lock shopping bags and boxes in your trunk or keep them tucked away in your vehicle's storage areas to prevent car break-ins or damage.

If you're driving or flying somewhere for the holidays, make sure your home or apartment is being monitored, either with a smart doorbell camera, home security alarm, or asking trusted neighbors to check on your property. These steps can help deter potential home burglars or vandals and protect your personal property.

Check Your Vehicle Before Road Trips

You might have your luggage and gifts packed for your family road trip, but is your vehicle ready for the trip? Too often travelers embark on holiday road trips only to discover too late that their tires are worn and unsafe, their spare is flat, they forgot their emergency car kit, or their car could have used a check-up on fluids and brakes.

In order to keep your family safe and your car in good working condition, take your vehicle in for a tune-up and a tire rotation, and make sure your emergency car kit is packed. This can help catch any potential issues with your tires or fluids, and help you and your family avoid potential accidents or injuries.

Confirm Your Insurance Coverage

Before traveling or the busy holiday season, it's a good idea to confirm your insurance coverage, especially if you're planning a long road trip or flight for vacation. You should double check what types of roadside assistance you have if you have a car breakdown or accident, confirm your coverage for any lost or stolen suitcases or vehicles, and if you'll need travel insurance if going overseas.

Aegis Protects What Matters Most

Aegis Insurance & Financial Services offers comprehensive, reliable Personal Insurance policies, all at competitive rates. We offer a full range of policies, including Homeowners, Renter's, Auto, and Life Insurance to help protect your family, property, and personal possessions.

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