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Written by Adam Miller
How Smart Doorbells and Outdoor Cameras Can Keep Your Home Safer

As people prepare for holiday gatherings or traveling, many overlook the fact that their homes might be prime targets for burglars or other criminals this holiday season. Rather than coming home to find Christmas gifts stolen or cars burglarized overnight, homeowners can take home security and protection into their own hands by investing in smart doorbells and outdoor camera systems. Make this holiday season a safe and happy one by learning how these electronic tools can help keep your home and neighborhood safer.

Notify Homeowners Of Trespassers or Burglars

One of the biggest benefits of installing a smart doorbell or camera system is that you can catch possible burglars or trespassers on your property at any time, whether you're home or halfway across the country. Smart doorbells can capture clear footage of any individual at the front door and notify homeowners immediately, often before the trespasser is aware they're being filmed or before they can do any property damage. In addition, many smart doorbells offer audio connections so homeowners can speak directly to burglars or intruders to let them they have been detected and that police may be on their way.

Confirm Condition and Delivery of Packages

With millions of Americans relying on online shopping for their holiday gift needs, porch pirates are striking at record numbers, stealing packages from front porches and doorways any chance they get. Smart doorbells and outdoor cameras can confirm the arrival of packages, capture people in the act of stealing, or help deter potential thieves who don't want to be caught on camera stealing packages. Camera systems and smart doorbells can also confirm the condition of the package at delivery, in case a package is thrown, dropped, or mishandled at delivery. In these instances, video footage can help with refunds or claims related to damaged deliveries or stolen packages.

Capture Footage of Neighboring Properties

Finally, smart doorbells and outdoor camera systems can make a huge impact in keeping streets and neighborhoods safer due to the additional views and vantage points they provide. For instance, doorbell cameras may be able to capture porch pirates or home burglars on neighboring properties, which may help aid neighbors who don't have such technology. In addition, they can capture people attempting to vandalize homes or break into cars parked in driveways or on the street. These extra digital eyes can go a long way in improving overall neighborhood safety and reducing the number of criminals targeting homes and communities.

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