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How Retailers Can Protect Customers and Employees During The Holidays

Black Friday is nearly here, kicking off the start of major holiday sales and the busiest time of year for retailers. While it can be a fun time for shoppers looking to score a great holiday deal, it can also be a hectic and sometime dangerous situation for both shoppers and retail workers. Today's Aegis blog post looks a few ways retailers can better protect customers and employees during the holidays.

Safety Training For Employees

Well-trained employees tend to be safer employees, because they're taught how to handle hectic or potentially dangerous situations involving customers or merchandise. For example, all employees (including seasonal workers) should know how to handle crowd control as well as what to about aggressive customers or possible theft. Also, retail employees should be well trained on how to safely handle merchandise, especially high value, heavy, or fragile items. When employees get proper training from their employer, this can significantly reduce possible injuries or Workers Compensation claims.

Increase Security Inside and Outside

When customers feel safe shopping in a retail brick and mortar location, they're more likely to make their purchases in-store and return in the future. Retailers can create a safer environment by increasing the security presence both inside and outside of the store. Extra security guards can patrol the parking lots and walkways to keep shoppers safe as they return to their vehicles, and also help deter car thefts or robberies on the commercial property. In addition, security guards or additional staff members are a benefit to have inside the business, patrolling cash register areas and monitoring for possible aggressive or suspicious behavior.

Control Sales and Merchandise Distribution

Finally, retailers can go a long way in improving the shopping experience for holiday customers by making sure that special sales and promotional merchandise are handled securely and with crowd control measures. Instead of allowing customers to push and shove each other to reach discounted merchandise, retailers can proactively create crowd lines to wait for merchandise, with extra security on hand to control excited shoppers. In addition, retailers can make sure that customers waiting in line for specific Black Friday deals are given a ticket or number for purchasing those items, to reduce possible trampling or aggressive behavior. This can help reduce possible customer and employee injuries as well as potential lawsuits that could stem from these incidents.

Retailers wait all year long for the rush of sales and customers that come during the holiday season, but it's important to keep customers and employees safe, otherwise liability claims and damaged reputations could hurt their bottom line. Retailers can also keep protected with quality Business Insurance coverage from Aegis Insurance & Financial Services, including Retail Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, General Liability, and Workers Compensation coverage. Contact our office today at 713-850-7622 to learn more or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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