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Written by Adam Miller
How to Protect Your Home from Windstorm Damage This Winter

Homeowners near the Gulf Coast tend to be more cautious and prepared for strong weather during hurricane season, but the reality is that severe weather can strike at any time of the year. Winter can be just as damaging to homes due to high winds and strong gusts as colder weather arrives. Homeowners can take proactive steps now to help protect their property from windstorm damage and minimize potential damages and losses. Our Aegis blog post today looks at some of the ways homeowners can prep their homes now and keep their property safe.

Prune Trees Around Property

One of the primary ways damage is caused to homes during windstorms is through toppled trees and falling tree branches landing on their nearby property. Tree debris can cause substantial damage to homes and vehicles, as well as causing personal injury. Homeowners can significantly reduce the threat of tree debris damage from windstorms by having large, overgrown trees around the property pruned on a regular basis. In addition, dead or damaged trees should be safely removed in order to prevent them from toppling over and crushing property or people underneath it.

Secure Exterior Property and Décor

Windstorms can also cause exterior décor and furnishings to become loose and hurl into nearby property, causing damage and breaking the flying property in the process. When severe weather and strong winds are imminent, homeowners should ensure that their outdoor furniture, play equipment, and décor is well secured or even brought inside garages for additional protection. This can help prevent shattered windows, damaged doors and rooftops, and car dents and scratches.

Confirm Insurance Coverage for Wind Damage

Finally, homeowners can also protect their home and personal property by ensuring that they have adequate Homeowners Insurance coverage for damages caused by windstorms, as well as other natural disasters. Some Homeowners Insurance policies include damage caused by windstorms, while other regions offer it as an endorsement to existing policies. Regardless, it's a good idea to annually check in with your insurer to make sure all property is covered and to ensure you have the proper amount and types of Personal Insurance coverage.

Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping homeowners have the right kind of Personal Insurance coverage, no matter what curveballs life throws their way. Whether it's a natural disaster, an unexpected accident, or even Life Insurance, the team at Aegis can help ensure that your insurance portfolio meets your unique individual or family needs, all at affordable rates. Contact Aegis to discuss your insurance portfolio today at 713-850-7622.

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