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Written by Adam Miller
How To Protect Your Fleet Vehicles

Growing businesses often come with growing pains, as owners usually need additional revenue, labor, equipment, inventory, and vehicles in order to meet customer needs and complete daily activities. As businesses expand, they may need to transition from using a single company vehicle or personal vehicle for business to company fleet vehicles to complete service calls and deliveries. Purchasing or leasing fleet vehicles is an important investment for any business owner, so it's important to protect fleet vehicles as well as the employees using them. In today's blog post, we'll highlight three ways companies can better protect their fleet vehicles, which in turn, better protect their employees and their entire business.

Acquiring Newer Vehicles

Automobile technology is rapidly improving as automakers offer new options and features to increase driver safety and roadway performance. By leasing or purchasing newer fleet vehicles, business owners can have peace of mind that their fleet vehicles will last longer and keep employees, equipment, and inventory better protected while on the road. In addition, businesses may benefit financially by investing in hybrid vehicles that offer higher fuel efficiency by using electricity or alternative fuels. These vehicles can provide financial savings from both reduced fuel costs as well as tax incentives for purchasing energy efficient vehicles.

Regular Maintenance

One of the ways companies can keep fleet vehicles safer is by ensuring they all receive regular maintenance and care to keep them in optimal working condition. Regular fleet maintenance can extend the life of fleet vehicles and ensure that all components are working, keeping employee drivers safer and also avoiding citations for broken lights or other vehicle issues. Ultimately, businesses that keep their fleet vehicles in top working condition will reap the benefits of their investment far longer than businesses that delay or completely avoid regular vehicle maintenance.

Provide Fleet Driver Safety Course

Driver safety is of the utmost importance for companies that rely on employees and drivers to regularly make service calls, complete deliveries, and transport inventory and supplies with fleet vehicles. One of the ways businesses can better protect their fleet vehicles, drivers, and financial future is by having all drivers complete a fleet driving safety training course. This ensures that all drivers understand the laws and regulations involved in operating a fleet vehicle, and how best to avoid potential disasters such as car accidents, injuries, auto or inventory theft, and also how to safely operate the vehicle during inclement weather.

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