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Written by Adam Miller
How To Protect Your Business When Working From Home

Companies across the country have pivoted operations, as many businesses have been required to shutter or scale back in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is that now tens of thousands of workers are now trying to do their jobs from home. While this transition has allowed companies to still operate, it also means they are more vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking attempts. Today's Aegis blog post looks at how companies can protect against cyber attacks when employees are working from home.

Use Secure Internet Connections and Devices

Working from home means relying on desktops or laptops to perform tasks and projects, but not all employees have company equipment to use. In many cases, employees forced to work from home must use their own computers, laptops, and tablets to perform essential tasks, but many of them lack the network security to perform their job securely. To help reduce possible cyber attacks, companies should either ensure their employees are using secured company equipment, or should offer to pay for upgraded security software for employee's personal equipment.

Turn Off Admin Access

Companies can also help improve security by turning off administrative privileges on remote access software and tools. Although they are usually set up to help IT departments and company leaders control their networks, hackers can use these admin logins to access secure files or install malware and other harmful software. These admin accounts might get forgotten due to the chaos of the pandemic situation, so companies should disable admin accounts for the time being, or set them up with time-limited access.

Develop Thorough Communication Plan

Finally, businesses can go a long way in protecting themselves and their future by developing a thorough communication plan. When employees have clear communication channels with management, and have thorough training in how to securely work from home, it reduces the chance of hackers or cyber criminals accessing company accounts or networks. Employees should be trained to avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots, to make to secure their own personal Wi-Fi networks with password protection, and how to use VPN access correctly.

Companies and their employees are going through substantial challenges as they continue to work from home during the pandemic, but with training and proper precautions, businesses can still operate and generate revenue safely and securely. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can also help companies have an added layer of protection through Cyber Liability Insurance to help offset costs related to cyber attacks and data theft. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information.

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