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How To Protect Your Business Before Severe Weather Arrives

Although we can't predict every kind of major weather event or severe storm that could come our way, improved weather forecasts can give us a window of opportunity to take precautions and make plans. For businesses, preparation can be the difference between losing very little property or revenue versus suffering major losses and enduring lengthy closures. With many Gulf Coast and East Coast businesses facing impending storms and possible catastrophic damage, it's essential to protect your business as soon as possible. Today's Aegis blog post offers three basic steps to protect your business and commercial property before severe weather arrives.

Protect Your Employees

The single most important part of any business is the group of employees you have working for you and growing your business. Their physical safety should be a top priority at all times, but especially in times of severe weather or impending hurricanes. In order to protect employees and keep them from physical harm in the workplace, consider closing the business early in order to allow them to get home safely and make the own storm preparations for their home and loved ones. If you absolutely must have employees on site during hurricanes or other tropical storms, then have as few as possible, and make sure they have safe areas to shelter in place if needed.

Protect Your Property and Assets

Severe weather or hurricane-force storms can result in commercial property damage to a physical building and other structures, as well as the property and assets inside and outside of the building. If possible, store and secure valuable property and assets indoors or under covered areas to minimize damages and loss. Valuable data files, company networks, and email servers should also be backed up to an off-site cloud-based service to avoid a loss of business-critical information.  Commercial vehicles should be moved to a garage or covered parking area to minimize potential damage from high winds, hail, or flooding. 

Review Insurance and Contingency Plans

Finally, storm preparation for any business should also include the development and communication of contingency plans in the event of severe weather. Everyone from owners and managers to entry-level workers should know what to do and where to go in the event the business is unable to open due to storm damage. Additionally, business owners should also review Commercial Insurance to understand all inclusions and exclusions, claims processes, and to ensure the coverage amounts are still adequate to cover the value of all company assets.

While millions across the country are hoping to be spared from the wrath of the hurricanes and tropical storms churning in the Gulf and Atlantic, unfortunately some will still be negatively impacted and will need solid plans to help minimize damage and losses. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can help your business get prepared for any kind of storm with our comprehensive line of Commercial Insurance coverage, tailored to your industry and unique business needs, and all at cost-effective rates. Contact our Aegis office for more information at 713-850-7622, or request a free quote today!

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