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How To Protect Your Business Before Bad Weather Hits

Severe storms and weather disasters can strike at any time, as Nashville area businesses learned this week when tornados stuck several major commercial areas. For restaurants, retailers, gas stations, and other businesses, there might not be much time to prepare as bad weather approaches, so it's important to develop safety plans to implement when severe weather arrives for the protection of employees and customers. Our Aegis blog post today offers some suggestions of how to make your business safer during inclement weather.

Warning Signs and Slip-Resistant Mats

Slips and falls have long been the top cause of customer injuries and employee accidents in the workplace, and weather is often related to these hazards. This is especially true for restaurants and retailers that experience high pedestrian traffic, whether it's a light spring shower or heavy summer downpour in the area. To make these businesses safer during wet weather, it's important to have slip-resistant mats available near all entrances and interior walkways. In addition, businesses should have employees ready to mop up wet floors and place appropriate warning signs to prevent falls.

Utilize Mobile Weather Alerts

Many retailers and restaurants do not have the luxury of having televisions nearby to monitor changing weather conditions, so managers and owners can often be caught by surprise when bad weather hits. To be better prepared and reduce the possibility of being caught off guard, businesses should utilize mobile weather apps that can send alerts when bad weather is in the area. This can provide businesses with valuable time to quickly prepare and implement business safety measures.

Securing Exterior Signage and Property

If companies are aware of severe storms approaching, they should have plans in place to quickly secure or bring in outdoor signage, furnishings, or other property that could turn into dangerous flying debris. Securing exterior property can help reduce possible damages and losses, and keep the building and people inside safer during bad weather.

Employee and Customer Shelter Plans

Companies should also consider developing safety plans for sheltering in place if high winds or tornado weather hits the region. It is critical that companies know the safest area in their building to shelter in place to be safe from debris or shattered glass. While restaurant workers are required to complete safety training, retailers and other companies should also train employees on where safety equipment is kept, such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping companies stay safe and protected when weather disasters hit our area. We offer a full range of top quality Commercial Insurance policies that offer financial protection and support, such as Commercial Property Insurance, Flood Insurance, Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Excess Liability coverage. Contact our office at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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