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Written by Adam Miller

As we approach the colder winter months, businesses across the country are likely to be affected by the dual threat of the normal cold and flu season, plus the added concern of Covid-19 spreading through the workplace. Although companies can't keep all employees from falling ill, proactive steps now can still help minimize illness and promote wellness. In order to protect employees this winter and hopefully avoid temporary closures due to employee illness or injury, we offer some ways companies can promote employee health this winter.

Encourage Working from Home

For many businesses, the greatest tool they have at their disposal in keeping employees healthy and productive is to encourage working from home whenever possible. It can help keep employees healthy and safe, while also keeping productivity levels steady. Employees can stay home and avoid long or dangerous commutes in rough weather, and they avoid spreading germs to coworkers. Although it might not be possible for all industries, working from home this winter can be a benefit to many companies looking to keep employees healthy and safe.

Thoroughly Clean and Disinfect Worksites

For those industries that aren't able to perform work remotely, such as retailers or restaurants, it is essential to implement or even increase cleaning and disinfecting protocols in the workplace. High traffic areas or high contact office items should be a primary focus for cleaning crews, such as entryways, keypads, door handles, elevators and stairwells, terminals and cash registers, break rooms, restrooms, kitchen equipment, and copiers and printers. These areas need regular cleaning to keep employees healthy and reduce the possible spread of colds, flu, and Covid-19.

Offer Quality Group Health Benefits

Finally, companies can make a big difference in protecting employee health and wellness by offering quality Group Health Benefits to employees. When employees have affordable and reliable health insurance, they are far more likely to use it for preventative care and to seek immediate treatment when they're ill. Employees are also more likely to get necessary tests such as Covid and flu tests, and have access to medicine that can help them recover faster and return to work sooner. Overall, healthier employees are likely to be more productive and more loyal because they know they are valued and protected by their company.

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