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Written by Adam Miller

Online shopping has become the preferred method for buying gifts during the holiday season, with over $90 billion dollars spent online during the 2016 holiday season alone. Purchasing online means shoppers can avoid the crowds, busy parking lots, and mad dashes to find deals before they're gone. Unfortunately, all the time and money you save by buying online is pointless if package thieves steal your packages from your front door. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at four simple ways to protect package deliveries from thieves and ensure you receive your shipments.

Require Delivery Signature

Thieves will often target packages on front porches or near front doors of homes or apartments because they're simply left there in broad daylight for anyone to see or grab. For the sake of convenience, many shoppers choose to have their deliveries left on the front door without a signature required, but then come home to find their packages gone. When a signature is required for delivery, it will prevent the delivery driver from leaving it out in the open if no one is home to sign for it. While it might take longer for you to receive your package, it helps ensure you actually get it in hand.

Deliver To Your Office

One of the simplest ways to avoid having your package stolen from your front door or porch is to have it delivered elsewhere. By having packages delivered to your work or office building, you ensure that someone is there to sign for and receive your package. It prevents theft as well as damages that might occur from inclement weather, insects, or animals. In addition, it can help ensure that the purchase remains a surprise for the intended recipient and isn't accidently opened by them.

Install Cameras

By adding a camera or video monitoring systems to a house or apartment complex, property owners can discourage potential thieves if they know they might be caught on camera stealing or trespassing on private property. In addition to cameras, smart doorbells and motion detection lights can also deter criminals and protect personal property. Smart doorbells can let shoppers know when their package has been delivered, since they might not be home or might not hear a doorbell ring.

Choose Other Delivery Options

In recent years, online merchants and delivery companies have realized that some people can't be home to sign for packages, but don't want them left outside either. A solution to this problem has been the introduction of secured delivery spots, such as Amazon Lockers or UPS stores. Delivery companies and online retailers have set up secure lockers or holding areas to receive and store packages until shoppers can retrieve them using an online code or receipt.

Don't let your holiday season be ruined by porch pirates who are eager to steal packages and deliveries from your front door. Instead, make a plan to protect your online purchases and ensure that you don't suffer property theft, whether the gifts are for friends, family, or yourself. Also make sure to protect the value of new purchases this holiday season by making sure big tickets items are protected with Personal Insurance from Aegis. Give our friendly and experienced Aegis team a call at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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