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How to Prevent Common Workplace Injuries

Employees are an important part of any successful business, but it's important to ensure your company is always a safe environment for your staff. A workplace accident can result in employee injuries, medical expenses, and lost productivity, so prevention is key to keep workers safe and your business thriving.

Learn some of the most common causes of workplace injuries, and what preventative steps can be taken to improve safety and minimize potential injuries.

Improper Lifting or Handling of Goods

A large number of industries rely on workers to lift or transport goods, raw materials, or inventory from one spot to another, and workers can easily be injured lifting heavy boxes or hot objects without proper training or personal protective equipment (PPE).

For example, retail workers could hurt their back lifting heavy boxes of inventory from their storage area, or restaurant workers could burn their hands and arms if they're too close to deep fryers, ovens, or hot plates. Protective gear such as back braces, gloves, and safety shoes can all help employees stay safe and reduce possible injuries.

Tool or Equipment Accidents

Some industries require workers to use tools and equipment that can pose a safety risk if not used correctly. For instance, warehouse employees could be hurt if forklifts are used recklessly, and farmers and ranchers could have workers injured by harvesters, tractors, or hay balers if not used properly.

If your company relies on equipment or tools that could pose a risk to your employees, then you have to take steps to ensure everything is used correctly and in accordance to labor safety guidelines. Safety training is essential to keep your workers healthy and protected, and it can also protect your business from slowdowns in productivity or equipment failures.

Slips and Falls

Employees could slip and fall at any type of business establishment, whether it's a restaurant, retail store, professional office, or service provider. These accidents can be incredibly painful for injured workers, but they are largely preventable with some proactive steps.

Companies should regularly inspect restrooms, kitchen areas, entrances and exits, and any other sleek floors to ensure there are no puddles of standing water where someone could slip and fall, especially during rainy weather. In addition, your business should have a maintenance plan in place to quickly clear up and dry off any wet floors and display caution signs to warn people of the slip and fall hazard.

Car Accidents

Finally, your business may depend on service trucks, delivery vans, or company cars to run your daily operations, and there is always a risk of potential car accidents and worker injuries. In order to reduce possible accidents, ensure that all drivers maintain a clean driving record and are not operating vehicles while drowsy or impaired in any way.

Also, you should make sure that your drivers are obeying all traffic laws and speed limits, and consider establishing reward programs for safe and accurate deliveries. When you reward good driving and attention to detail, you're less likely to have employees injured or involved in car accidents because they'll be incentivized to drive safely and not quickly.

Protect Employees with Workers Compensation Coverage

Your employees deserve a safe and secure working environment, but if an accident or injury does occur, you need to have the financial protection in place needed to provide for their medical expenses and care. Workers Compensation coverage through Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can cover many of the costs related to an injured worker, such as:

• Medical expenses
• Ongoing care or rehabilitation
• Lost wages
• Disability benefits
• Funeral costs

With this coverage, injured employees can get the care and financial resources needed to allow them to focus fully on their recovery, and your business avoids having to pay for these costs and expenses out-of-pocket.

For more information on how Workers Compensation coverage can protect your workforce, contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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