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Written by Adam Miller
How To Prepare Your Business From Windstorm Damage

Winter weather in the Gulf Coast region is typically milder than in the rest of the country, but Texas often experiences high winds and strong gusts as cold fronts approach our area. Sometimes these strong winds cause little to no property damage, while other times a freak windstorm can topple trees, down power lines, and cause extensive damage to businesses, retail centers, restaurants, and office complexes. In today's blog post, we look at three ways businesses can prepare in advance for windstorm damage and minimize potential losses.

Protect Valuable Files

Electricity losses or broken windows and doors can lead to the loss of essential documents, financial data, permits, email and network servers, and customer and vendor data. To reduce losses, store valuable papers digitally and make sure they can be accessed offsite by utilizing a cloud-based storage system. Keep original hardcopies in a secure location, ideally locked in a heavy-duty storage facility or cabinet system. Emails and computer networks should also be backed up through cloud-based networks to reduce company downtime during the business recovery.

Inspect Business Structures

Business owners need to regularly have their roof, doors, windows, and drainage systems inspected to make necessary repairs before a windstorm strikes. It is also helpful to have tree pruning done to prevent further damage from toppled trees or overgrown branches falling down onto business structures. Proactive maintenance can save businesses thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to business closures and costly repairs.

Store Business Property Securely

When tools, equipment, raw materials, outdoor furniture, and inventory are left unsecured outside, these can become dangers to company structures and employees in the event of a strong windstorm or other weather catastrophe. Business owners should emphasize the proper storage of all outdoor materials and property to prevent major property damages or worker injuries.

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