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Written by Adam Miller
Restaurants and other retailers can protect their business during devastating power outages by getting quality business interruption insurance from Houston-based InsurTexas.

Business owners understand there are many challenges and situations they must always be prepared for, including fire, floods, theft and other weather disasters. However, one common problem that can significantly hurt business is the loss of electricity during a power outage. For some businesses, having no power simply creates a loss of productivity for the day, but for food and perishable inventory businesses, a power outage can lead to substantial loss of revenue and inventory. Restaurant owners, grocery stores, delis, florists, and frozen treat retailers can lose tens of thousands of dollars in inventory and revenue with just a short power outage, but proper business insurance coverage can protect business owners from significant revenue and inventory loss.

Houston-area retailers and restaurant owners remember the significant power outages throughout the city after Hurricane Ike, as many were unable to reopen and quickly recover from their devastating losses. There were large numbers of restaurants and retail owners who never reopened their businesses after Hurricane Ike, as many with business insurance learned that their coverage did not include losses caused by power outages so their insurance claims were denied. Whether you manage a big restaurant chain, a family-owned deli, a neighborhood florist or a boutique bakery, it is absolutely essential to have business insurance coverage that will provide thorough protection in the event of a substantial power outage.

Aegis, a Houston-based insurance agency, specializes in providing restaurants and other perishable inventory retailers the business insurance coverage needed to minimize the economic impact of a power outage. Having comprehensive business insurance with Aegis means business owners can be well protected from loss of revenue, inventory, equipment and other key business assets during a power outage. The friendly and knowledgeable insurance agents of Aegis will help you obtain business insurance coverage that allows you to make a speedy recovery from power outages and focus on serving your customers as soon as possible. Request a free quote today on their affordable insurance solutions, or contact their agents today.

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