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Written by Adam Miller
How Mother Nature Can Impact Your Personal or Commercial Vehicle

Cars and trucks are a vital part of life in Texas, with millions of drivers and businesses relying on vehicles to commute to work, take kids to school, shop, perform service calls, and deliver merchandise and materials. However, these valuable personal and business assets are often the first victims when Mother Nature strikes our area. Thankfully, quality Personal Auto and Commercial Auto coverage can cover your vehicles from losses stemming from natural disasters and other causes. In today's blog post, we examine three ways in which Mother Nature can impact commercial or personal vehicles, and how quality insurance coverage can make all the difference.


One of the most common scenes around the Gulf Coast region of Texas is flooded or stranded cars in streets and roadways when flash flooding occurs. Too often, people intentionally drive into flooded streets believing their car can make it through, they are unaware of street flooding and end up driving straight into flooding, or they are parked in low-lying areas of a property prone to flooding. In each of these scenarios, cars, trucks and vans can quickly become stalled out or completely submerged. Having quality Personal or Commercial Auto insurance can help cover losses stemming from street flooding or flash flooding impacting personal or commercial vehicles.


Although parking vehicles under carports or inside garages can help minimize potential damages to commercial or personal vehicles, sometimes Mother Nature can strike when we are the most vulnerable, which is out on the roadway. Hailstorms are a prime example of natural disasters that can significantly damage commercial vehicles or personal cars and trucks in just a short amount of time. Even a quick two-minute hailstorm can cause substantial damages to the windshield, paintjob, and even body of the vehicle, leading to costly and often lengthy repairs. With reliable and top-quality Personal and Commercial Auto coverage, vehicle owners can get repairs made even faster and get back on the roadways in a shorter amount of time.

Toppled Trees and Tree Debris

When severe weather strikes our area, it is often accompanied by strong windstorms and gusts that can topple trees and leave behind dangerous tree debris. Debris from a fallen tree or broken limb can become a threat not just to nearby vehicles, but also to drivers, and other nearby properties, such as homes and businesses. Tree debris can crush cars and trucks, shatter windows and windshields, and cause personal injuries to drivers, passengers, and other innocent bystanders. Personal and Commercial Auto coverage can help repair and medical costs associated with damages from tree debris.

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