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How to Make Your Restaurant Safer for Customers and Employees

After a challenging year, people across the country are venturing out in greater numbers to their favorite restaurants, bars, cafes, coffeeshops, and bakeries. With this larger number of both customers and employees comes the added worry of injuries, accidents, and other liability risks that restaurants must face. In today's Aegis blog post, we discuss ways restaurants and other food service establishments can make their businesses safer for employees and customers alike.

Maintain Safe Interior and Exterior Areas

Accidents and injuries can occur in the inside or outside restaurant property, so it's important to keep these areas clean and well maintained to reduce these risks. For example, the restaurant and kitchen floors should be clean and free from food debris at all times to reduce slips and falls that can injure staff or customers. Also, walkways should be free from any boxes, décor, cords, or other materials that could cause people to trip and hurt themselves. Handrails should also be checked to ensure their safety, parking areas should be well lit at night, and there should be nothing blocking entrances or emergency exits.

Perform Regular Equipment Maintenance

Another common source of restaurants accidents, injuries, or losses can come from malfunctioning kitchen equipment such as industrial mixers, large ovens, or refrigerators and freezers. When large scale kitchen machinery and equipment is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, it can go a long way in keeping employee safe from costly injuries and accidents. Refrigerators and freezers should also be inspected regularly to ensure the restaurant doesn't suffer food spoilage or give customers food poisoning from ingredients and prepared food stored at the wrong temperature. Preventing foodborne illnesses is another way that restaurants can keep customers safer.

Thoroughly Train Employees and Management

Finally, restaurant owners can help protect their employees and customers by making sure all staff and management receive thorough training in several key areas. These would include kitchen safety in handling knives, cooking areas, and equipment, as well as how to safely carry food and beverages to and from tables and kitchens. In addition, staff and managers should receive alcohol service training, first aid training to handle choking customers or people experiencing allergic reactions, and customer service training to safely deescalate issues with irate or inebriated patrons. All of these proactive steps can help prevent accidents, incidents, and damages that could result in liability risks for restaurant owners.

The restaurant industry continues to recover from the impact of Covid-19 closures and occupancy restrictions, so the last thing any restaurant owner needs is a liability issue that costs valuable time and money. Preventative measures now can help restaurant owners focus on future growth and success, and Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is happy to partner with restaurants, bars, delis, coffeehouses, and bakeries across the region to provide insurance solutions.

Our customized Restaurant Insurance policies are tailored to the unique needs of the industry, and offer owners peace of mind and financial security if disaster strikes. We offer Restaurant Insurance bundles that can include Workers Compensation, General Liability, Commercial Property Insurance and more.  Contact Aegis today for more information at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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