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How To Keep Your Home Safer During Summer Vacation

Summer is when many people plan fun vacation getaways, but a growing concern for many homeowners and renters is how to keep their property safe and protected while they're away from home. Learn about several ways you can keep your home or apartment safer while you travel so you can avoid returning to a damaged home.

Prepare Your Home to Minimize Issues

One of the biggest mistakes people can make is leaving home for a vacation but not preparing their home ahead of time. For example, people should consider shutting off the water to their home if they'll be gone an extended period of time to avoid coming home to possible water leaks or water damage.

In addition, check the upcoming weather forecast to ensure sprinklers won't be running while you're gone during during rainy weather. This could signal to potential burglars that no one is home and make your house an enticing target.

Finally, make sure to unplug any kitchen or bathroom appliances such as toasters, coffeemakers, curling irons, and hair dryers. This can help reduce unnecessary electricity usage and prevent possible housefires that could be sparked by plugged devices.

Invest in Smart Home Technology

Another important way to protect your home is to utilize some of the newest home technology on the market, including smart doorbells and cameras, smart home alarm systems, and smart lighting systems.

Smart doorbells can send instant notifications directly to your smartphone if someone approaches the front of your property, and digital cameras systems can also help monitor the perimeter of your property. Home alarms systems have improved to allow homeowners to get notifications of any suspicious activity inside or outside and immediately notify authorities to investigate.

Homeowners and renters can also choose smart lighting systems or devices that remotely control lights on your property. This can allow you to set timers for interior and exterior lights to give passersby the impression that people are home.

Utilize Trusted Family, Friends, or Neighbors

Before leaving town, consider asking trusted relatives, friends, or neighbors to housesit or to regularly monitor the property to ensure everything is secured. This can also help reduce the possibility of your home being burglarized, vandalized, or experiencing major damage due to water leaks, power surges, or other major issues.

Having friends and family can also help in the event a major weather event impacts your home while you're away, such as a hailstorm, windstorm, flooding, or hurricane. Friends and family can be there to protect your remaining property or document any possible damages for insurance purposes.

Avoid Announcing Travel Plans on Social Media

Finally, it can be great to share photos and updates of your vacation travels and memories, but consider saving the updates until after you've returned home. Too often people can make their homes or apartments potential targets for vandals or thieves when they announce that they'll be out of town for a specific time frame.

By waiting to share photos and updates until you get home, you reduce the chance of someone trespassing on your property while you're gone, or committing acts of vandalism.

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