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Written by Adam Miller
How To Increase Business Safety In The New Year

Business owners are constantly striving to increase their customer base and revenue streams to stay competitive in the Houston marketplace. However, business owners also face the reality of needing to make their workplace safer for the company, the employees, and clients. Unfortunately, a growing number of businesses face threats from thieves, hackers, disgruntled employees, or irate customers. It is prudent for companies to take proactive steps to increase their safety in the New Year. In today's blog post, we'll offer three ways businesses can increase the safety of their business and their employees, and reduce the likelihood of theft, vandalism, or other catastrophes.

Improve Exterior Security

One of the most vulnerable parts of any company or retail business is the perimeter of the building. A company should be secure without sacrificing curb appeal, limiting access to the entrances and exits, or creating an imposing or unwelcoming atmosphere. However, business owners can make simple changes that greatly improve the exterior security of their property, such as new or upgraded alarm systems, strategically placed cameras, landscape lighting, or hiring part-time security guards to monitor the building and parking lot.  This can help deter vandals, thieves, or other criminals that might target a commercial building and cause damage or personal injury.

Secure Interior Doors and Office Access

Even if the exterior of a business or retail shop is well secured, it is just as important to make improvements to increase indoor security. Examples include replacing standard office doors with secured doors that require access badges or codes, hallway cameras, and limited access to company bathrooms. These steps can help deter thieves that might attempt to steal company assets such as computers, tools, office equipment or financial information. In addition, it can offer an extra level of security from individuals that might try to cause physical harm to others, giving employees time to flee or call for help.

Increase Online Security

Because we live in the Information Age, online and digital assets are just as valuable as physical assets, so businesses should take proactive steps to protect their online and electronics records. Companies should ensure that their digital assets, corporate emails and trade secrets are protected with secure firewalls. In addition, it is crucial to protect financial information, customer data and sensitive company records to prevent security breaches from hackers.

These proactive security steps are just part of the ways business owners and companies can stay safe and secure from catastrophe. In addition, businesses can also increase security and protect company assets through quality commercial insurance coverage from Aegis. As a leading provider for commercial insurance solutions in Texas, the agents of Aegis strive to provide reliable, affordable, and top-quality insurance coverage that meets the unique needs of companies. Aegis understands the specific insurance needs of many major industries within the Gulf Coast region, and offers tailored coverage such as Restaurant Insurance, HVAC Insurance, Retail Insurance, Farm and Ranch Insurance, Contractor Insurance, and Auto Repair Insurance. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online to request a free quote!

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