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Written by Adam Miller
How To Identify the Best Service and Utility Providers for Your Business

In order for a new business to be successful, it needs to have a combination of good services or products, great employees, and experienced leadership. However, another important component is also having reliable utility and service providers that help make the business run like a well-oiled machine. Whether it's electricity, linen service, HVAC maintenance, internet and phone providers, landscapers, or credit card processing companies, businesses need trustworthy vendors and service providers in order to run their daily operations.

The focus of today's Aegis blog post are the factors businesses should consider to help identify the best possible utility and service providers for their company. When businesses choose the best service and utility providers, they are in a better position to provide consistent and exceptional service to their own customers.

Service Reliability

Customers expect a level of reliability and consistency when they're making a purchase or entering into a contract, and it is no different when choosing a service provider or utility company. Business customers need to know that their vendors, services, and utilities are dependable and won't have frequent outages, delays, or downtimes during their hours of operation. For example, a retailer needs to have a reliable credit card processing vendor and internet service in order to process customer orders. Otherwise, businesses could lose valuable revenue because of customers changing their minds and not wanting to wait to make a purchase because of delays.  Reliable service and utility companies can help ensure there are no unexpected delays or closures that could impact sales and customer satisfaction. 

Customer Support and Repairs

Another important factor to consider when choosing service and utility providers is their availability for customer service, technical support, and repairs if needed. For example, a restaurant needs to know their HVAC or refrigeration repair service providers are immediately available to prevent the loss or spoilage of food and raw goods. A busy restaurant can't afford to wait days for a vital kitchen repair because their service repair company is delayed or slow to finish repairs.  Delays in repairs or replacement equipment can mean the loss of thousands in revenue. 

In addition, a business office needs to know their internet web hosting company can be reached as soon as possible if their company website or email network goes down during off hours. When companies know they can get immediate and effective customer service and repairs, this can provide peace of mind when disaster strikes. Choosing companies with top quality repair and customer service can help minimize potential delays and revenue losses, allowing companies to recover faster.

Pricing and Hidden Fees

Finally, companies should also do their research regarding contract pricing and any potential hidden fees before signing on the dotted line for a service contract. This might involve asking for feedback from nearby businesses or to research online. Businesses should be sure to ask about any extra fees for service calls, installation, replacement or repair of equipment, possible credits for outages, and any discounts for paying through auto-pay or bank transfer instead of credit card processing. All of these can help businesses identify the service provider or utility company that offers the best value without unexpected charges.

Companies rely on service providers, vendors, and utility companies to run their daily operations, and these should always be a help to business owners, and not an expensive source of frustration. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is also committed to helping business owners by being a source of information and guidance about Commercial Insurance, and offering a full range of Commercial Insurance policies tailored to unique industry needs. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information on our customized Business Insurance solutions, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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