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Written by Adam Miller
How To Have a Safer Company Holiday Party

As companies look forward to the start of a new year, many will choose to close out their year by celebrating their employees' hard work with a party during the holidays. While it can be a great way to unwind and relax, it can also open up businesses to potential liability risks for their owners. In today's Aegis blog post, we offer some suggestions for how to celebrate the holidays safely with employees while also reducing potential liability risks.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

A hallmark of many company parties is the inclusion of alcohol so employees and managers can unwind and enjoy a fun cocktail or beer to celebrate the end of a challenging year. Unfortunately, some employees, managers, or their guests can overindulge and create liability issues for companies. Instead, companies can reduce potential liability and embarrassing incidents by putting a limit on alcoholic drinks provided to employees and guests, either through a cash bar, or setting a firm drink limit.

This can ensure that workers are able to still enjoy a refreshing beverage while avoiding situations where an employee or their guest consumes too much alcohol and acts inappropriately or becomes aggressive, which can become liability issues for company owners. This is especially true for holiday parties held on company property, where Workers Compensation issues may be applied if there's an on-site accident or injury at a company event.

Consider Safer Venues

Another option business owners and managers can consider is choosing a safer party venue where employees and their guests can relax and unwind without potential security issues, or where security patrols are provided. For example, a hotel ballroom might be a good option for company parties since employees and their guests can simply rent a room for the night rather than drive home drowsy or inebriated. Employees in charge of party planning might not need to risk injury setting up decorations or signage at a hotel where hotel staff can handle those tasks instead.

Also, restaurants or bars that have security guards on site can be a safer choice to avoid any skirmishes and to ensure employees and their guests leave safely. Security patrols or off-duty police officers working at bars or restaurants can also help identify company employees or guests who might not be able to drive home safely.

Offer Ride-Sharing Options for Employees and Guests

Finally, holiday parties can be much safer for companies, employees, and their guests when companies offer cabs, shuttles, or ride-sharing services for people as they leave holiday parties. This can ensure that people are not driving home drunk or drowsy after a long evening. Companies that offer these services free of charge to employees and guests can help remove potential liability issues and also keep workers safer, especially if the party is being held without alcohol restrictions. It also shows workers that they are valued and their safety is a top priority for business owners.

Many companies will have a lot more to celebrate this year after a challenging year and a half of business closures and challenges, so holiday parties are a great way for companies to reward their teams with a fun and festive time. These should also be safe events that do not put workers, their guests, or companies themselves in harm's way. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping companies close out the year strong and welcome in 2022 with a wide variety of comprehensive Commercial Insurance policies that offer financial protection as well as peace of mind.

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