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How To Get Your Home and Finances In Order For Your Growing Family

The upcoming arrival of a new baby can bring a flood of emotions to expecting parents, but also a long list of important decisions to make and tasks to complete before the baby arrives. A key task for any new parent is to make sure both their home and finances are in order before the child arrives, whether through childbirth, adoption, or fostering. When a family home is safe and ready to welcome a new baby, and financial decisions have already been made, it helps parents be able to fully focus on bonding and caring for their child. Our Aegis blog post today focuses on three tasks parents should consider before welcoming home their newest family member.

Baby Proofing The Home

Children, particularly babies, need safe and nurturing environments in order to thrive and safely explore the world around them. The safety of the family home should be a top priority, especially for individuals or couples welcoming a baby or younger child through adoption or fostering. Doors, cooktop ranges, and ovens should have safety knob covers, and cabinets should be baby proofed to prevent accidental contact or ingestion of chemicals or cleaners. This can help prevent accidental poisoning or choking hazards, and keep the children of guests safer as well from injuries.

Possible Vehicle Upgrade

As a family grows, the vehicle needs of drivers may change too as it may be necessary to upgrade to a larger vehicle with more seating or storage capability. For parents who already own larger but older vehicles, it may be worth it to check with manufacturers to ensure there are no outstanding recall notices or maintenance needs that need to be addressed. This can help keep parents and children safer when on the road, reducing possible car accidents or injuries.

Increasing Life and Health Insurance

Finally, all parents want to make sure their loved ones will have the financial resources needed in the event of an unexpected passing. New or adopting parents should also review and increase Life Insurance coverage to make sure all family members are covered and that there is ample coverage in place to take care of all expenses and future needs. Likewise, Health Insurance should also be adjusted to reflect additional medical, dental, and vision needs for their growing family.

A new child can change a family in an instant, so it's important to be as prepared as possible to make a family expansion a safe and stress-free one. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is committed to helping individuals and families prepare for family expansion through our full range of Personal Insurance policies, including Homeowners Insurance, Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, and more. Contact our Aegis office at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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