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Written by Adam Miller
How Drone Technology Can Grow and Protect Your Business

Our global technology improves and evolves on a near daily basis, with new innovations and tools available for private and commercial use. One of the most popular tech gadgets to hit the market in the last few years have been small drones, capable of reaching unseen areas while also providing crisp and beautiful digital video footage. For business owners, drone technology can both grow and protect a business, and our Aegis blog post today provides three specific examples of how this can be done.

Showcases The Beauty and Features Of Commercial Property

One of the most common ways a business can utilize drones to grow their business is by capturing the beauty and features of a commercial site. A well-made aerial shot of a large retail center or beautiful restaurant can be asset in attracting long-term tenants or regular customers who are awed by the features and beauty showcased in drone footage. In addition, drone footage can also be used to capture large crowds, weddings, or special events to further promote a company's brand and reputation.

Safely Inspect Property For Damage or Repair Needs

Drone technology can also be a major asset in identifying areas of a commercial property in need of repair or that have suffered damage after a storm or other major event. Aerial shots of building exteriors, interior warehouses, production facilities, overhead utilities, trees, and other property can draw attention to areas that might be missed or overlooked through traditional surface-level inspections. In addition, the use of drones to reach rooftops and other higher elevations on a commercial property can help reduce possible accidents and injuries, which can lower possible Workers Compensation Liability claims.

Can Be Value-Added Service For Customers

For some businesses, drone technology can be a value-added service for their clients in need of aerial footage themselves. For example, a landscape company could also offer drone footage for their clients in order to help capture an aerial view of their entire property for insurance or maintenance needs. In addition, real estate agents, commercial property managers, and other property brokers could also offer drone services as part of their services to clients looking to invest or purchase real estate.

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