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Written by Adam Miller
How to Develop an Effective Driver Training Program

Over the last year, thousands of companies have pivoted their business model to begin offering delivery services or expand current delivery service for customers who wanted food or merchandise delivered to their door. However, liability risks for business owners go up as they start or expand delivery services, so having thorough training programs is essential for companies. The focus of today's Aegis blog post are the areas to cover in order to have an effective driver training program, which protects both drivers and the company.

How To Safely Operate Company Vehicles

Although millions of Texans have a driver's license, not all drivers know how to safely and correctly operate certain kinds of vehicles. For example, catering or delivery vans are usually wider and taller and may require drivers to practice for a while before operating them. Drivers should be familiar with low clearance areas for delivery vehicles, as well as possible blind spots and other basic vehicle maintenance, such as the type of fuel needed or ensuring proper tire pressure. When drivers know how to safely operate delivery trucks or catering vans, they are less likely to be involved in vehicle accidents or cause damage to the vehicles.

How To Correctly Transport Merchandise and Materials

Additionally, drivers for restaurants and retailers should be trained on how to safely transport merchandise or materials from businesses to customer addresses. For example, a restaurant that decides to offer food delivery or catering services needs to ensure their drivers know how to safely and cautiously drive so as to not spill or damage the food being transported. Likewise, a retailer needs to instruct their drivers on how to properly store and transport goods and merchandise so there are no breaks or damages, such as with electronics, groceries, or other breakable goods. Otherwise, a company could face angry customers demanding refunds as well as blemishes on their company's reputation and social media accounts.

How To Handle Accidents or Worker Injuries

Finally, company drivers or delivery workers need to know how to handle any possible accidents or injuries when they're on the road, whether they've caused the accident or not. Drivers should be trained on proper accident responses, such as who to contact, how to document the accident and pertinent details, and what not to do after an accident. Also, drivers should also be trained on what to do in the event of an injury while making a delivery, and the procedures for ensuring their safety while also securing the company vehicle and merchandise inside. Promoting worker safety reduces potential injuries as well as possible liability for the restaurant, retailer, or other business using company drivers.

Delivery drivers have become an important part of many retailers, restaurants, and other industries as they recover from the pandemic, so ensuring their safety and protecting the company are key parts to having long-term success with delivery or catering services. Also, another key to the long-term success of a business is having quality, reliable Commercial Insurance policies in place to protect companies, their employees, and their customers if disaster strikes. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is pleased to partner with restaurants, retailers, and businesses of many industries in securing comprehensive business insurance that meets their unique needs at competitive rates. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or complete our online form to request a free quote!

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