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Written by Adam Miller
How Covid-19 Is Transforming Workplaces

The world continues to experience the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on all aspects of life, but restrictions and stay-at-home orders are slowly being lifted so that businesses can reopen and people can slowly return to pre-Covid activities. However, life will likely be changed for the foreseeable future, especially for businesses as the Covid-19 virus transforms their operations. Our Aegis blog today focuses on some of the ways the Covid-19 virus is transforming workplaces and how this impacts companies in an immediate and long-term basis.

Enhanced Safety Measures

The primary way the Covid-19 virus is transforming workplaces is the dramatic increase in safety measures for both employees and customers. For many business owners, this likely means requiring employees to wear facemasks and gloves, and disinfecting public areas and common surfaces on a very frequent basis. Customers are likely to use social distancing measures in restaurants and retail stores whenever possible to avoid close contact with employees and other customers. These safety measures may also contribute to a reduction in workplace injuries and accidents on company property.

Increase In Telecommuting

For certain industries, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused companies to allow employees to temporarily work from home. Many are discovering to their surprise that they enjoy working from home and they can successfully complete work projects in a timely manner. As a result, some employees successfully telecommuting now might request making it a permanent option, which would reduce the number of employees in the workplace. Giving more employees the option to permanently telecommute could also lead to a boost in employee morale and employee retention, which could lower recruiting and training expenses for companies.

Change In Services and Products Offered

Finally, in light of Covid-19 precautions and safety measures, businesses have been forced to pivot their services and products offered in order to maintain revenue streams and customer loyalty. For example, more restaurants have created and promoted family meals as well as curbside and delivery services. In addition, retailers have become creative to provide curbside shopping options as well as more online shopping options through websites and social media.

Covid-19 has forced companies to get creative and transform the way they've done business, and some of these changes may be here for the long-term. As businesses change and charge forward, Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is here to support and encourage business owners in all facets of their business. We offer top quality, comprehensive Commercial Insurance policies including Commercial Property, Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Commercial Auto, all at competitive rates. Contact our Aegis office at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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