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Written by Adam Miller
Business owners can get additional protection for their business, tools, equipment and employees through quality Commercial Auto Insurance.

Houston is an extremely large city, with hundreds of miles of highways, freeways, streets and roads for drivers to navigate. For this reason, a large number of retail stores, contractors, vendors, restaurants, delis, and other commercial businesses rely heavily on commercial vehicles to help operate their business. Commercial automobiles are commonly used to make deliveries to customers, pick up additional office supplies, or traveling to client meetings, so they are considered by many to be an important business asset. Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to adequately protect their company vehicles or commercial fleet with quality Commercial Auto Insurance.

For those wondering how Commercial Auto Insurance can protect their business, the benefits are substantial. First, commercial auto insurance provides business owners with insurance protection to cover the value of the vehicles, which can be high for specialized or customized vehicles. For retail stores, restaurants or delis that utilize commercial vehicles for delivery, any kind of damage or delays with company vehicles can be detrimental to revenue and customer satisfaction. The same is true for repair shops and other contractors that rely on commercial fleets or trucks to travel to customers to perform their work, as well as store tools and other important business equipment. Commercial Auto Insurance can help protect the value of these costly commercial vehicles since replacing them due to collision or theft can be very difficult for business owners.

Secondly, Commercial Auto Insurance helps provides quality liability coverage for a variety of circumstances, such property damage due to collisions or other accidents, bodily injury to employees and other inured motorists, and protection from underinsured or uninsured drivers. Businesses can also be protected financially from damage to commercial fleet cars and trucks caused by severe weather such as hurricanes or hail damage. This form of additional insurance protection can mean the difference between a company's quick recovery from an accident or massive debts that cripple the business and force closure or bankruptcy. Business owners gain peace of mind and confidence that the business and employees will be able to recover and continue even after an accident involving a company vehicle.

Finally, businesses that rely on company vehicles or corporate fleets can customize Commercial Auto Insurance policies to meet specific company or industry needs. For example, businesses that require heavy use of company vehicles can include additional coverage for Roadside Assistance to ensure minimal disruptions to company operations. Additionally, companies can opt to include Collision or Comprehensive Coverage for rented or leases business vehicles, or even Personal Injury Protection for large-scale medical expenses from accidents involving company vehicles.

For retail stores, restaurants, delis, repair shops, contractors or other businesses reliant on company vehicles, having quality and reliable Commercial Auto Insurance is a wise decision. Business owners can be assured that their vehicles, employees and business future are well protected in the event of an accident, theft, fire, severe weather or other major incident. Aegis, a Houston-based insurance agency, can help business owners secure affordable and quality Commercial Auto Insurance for companies of all sizes and from all industries. The skilled and experienced agents at Aegis will work with you to develop a business insurance package that meets all your needs, and can even save you hundreds of dollars by bundling all your business insurance policies into one policy to lower annual premiums. Contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 or go online for a free quote today.

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