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Written by Adam Miller
Home Repairs and Improvement Projects Best Left to Professionals

Owning a home is an important investment, but over time a property may be in need of repairs or an expansion in order to meet a growing family's needs. While some homeowners might be handy at minor repairs or DIY projects, some renovations and improvements are best left to professional contractors for safety reasons. In today's Aegis blog post, we look at some of the repair and improvement projects homeowners should entrust to contractors to avoid personal injuries or damage to their own property.

Room Additions and Expansions

Over time, a family can quickly outgrow their original floor plan and might need an extra room for a bedroom or home office, especially with more people working from home due to Covid. Even if there is ample space to add a room onto the existing property, a project of that magnitude is best left to professional, insured contractors who can make sure every aspect is handled correctly.

Professional contractors can ensure home expansions meet local requirements, that all electrical wiring and plumbing is installed correctly, and that the foundation, walls, and roof are constructed in a way to not cause future damage to the rest of the house. Plus, homeowners won't be risking their health and safety by attempting to handle risky construction on their own.

Tree Pruning and Tree Removal

One of the biggest causes of injuries to homeowners is when they attempt tree pruning and tree removal on their own or with some buddies. A simple Internet search of "tree removal fails" will yield hundreds of videos clearly showing the high risk of personal injury and property damage that can come when people attempt to prune overgrown branches, remove tree stumps, or cut down entire trees without the help of professionals. Some tree stumps end up flying through car windshields, tree limbs can fall onto people or knock them off ladders, and tree trunks can land on rooftops, crushing the home below.

Attempting these on your own can result in serious injuries to the homeowner and neighbors, as well as major home or vehicle damages due to tree debris or misuse of tree trimming equipment. It's a much safer option to hire insured tree care professionals to remove stumps, prune large trees, or cut down dead or unwanted trees. They have the experience and training to use large chainsaws and trimmers safely while also properly securing tree debris as it comes down.

Air Conditioning Repairs

In Texas, a working air-conditioning unit is a vital part of any home, so when they malfunction or stop working altogether, families want immediate repairs or replacement. However, repairing an A/C unit is a complex process that, if not done properly, can lead to more problems, expenses, and even property damage from water leaks.

A broken or malfunctioning A/C unit should always be assessed by a HVAC professional who can determine what parts might need repair or replacement, and can have them installed correctly so that refrigerant or water doesn't leak into the house. When handled by professionals, a working A/C unit can provide cooling comfort for years to come without risking personal injury or property damage to the homeowner.

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