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Written by Adam Miller
Houston area restaurants can get reliable and affordable Restaurant Insurance through InsurTexas to fully protect owners, employees, buildings, inventory and equipment.

Running a successful restaurant in the Houston area involves making many critical decisions, such as finding a prime location for your business, securing financial backing from lenders and investors, hiring quality cooks and wait staff, and also obtaining all permits and licenses needed to operate. One other key decision restaurant owners must make involves securing quality insurance for the restaurant and employees. Without the protection of insurance coverage, restaurant owners can find themselves in a serious financial bind when disaster strikes. For restaurant owners that want quality insurance coverage for themselves, employees, the business structure, inventory and equipment, a Restaurant Insurance Policy offers a full range of protection for restaurants of any size.

Restaurant Insurance is a customized insurance policy that protects restaurant owners from a wide range of losses that could force the shutdown of a restaurant temporarily or even permanently. Many restaurant owners do not have adequate insurance coverage for themselves, their employees or their business, so it leaves them vulnerable when both minor and major issues occur. Some restaurants are underinsured because the owner is unaware of the vast insurance options for restaurant owners, and some are misinformed regarding the affordability of Restaurant Insurance Policies.

A major benefit of Restaurant Insurance is flexibility in providing a specialized solution for restaurants of any type or size, and with specific coverage needs. For example, restaurant owners with catering or delivery services can ensure their company vehicles are fully protected, and costly restaurant equipment such as custom ovens or industrial mixers can be covered as well. In addition, restaurants near coastal waters can get specialized Restaurant Insurance coverage that protects outdoor signage from storm damage. After Hurricane Ike, many Houston area restaurant owners learned the hard way that they were not protected from off-site utility interruptions, which lead to the loss of their food inventory and operational abilities. Restaurant Insurance Policies can ensure that restaurants are able to quickly recover from off-site utility interruptions and the loss of inventory a power outage might cause.

Aegis is a Houston-based insurance agency specializing in creating custom Restaurant Insurance Policies tailored to specific restaurant types and needs. Their quality and affordable Restaurant Insurance solutions will allow restaurant owners, their employees, and their business to have the insurance protection they need to survive any kind of disaster. The friendly and knowledgeable agents of Aegis are ready to help restaurants get the insurance protection they need, and can even save restaurants money by offering significant annual savings on premiums by bundling Restaurant Insurance with other Business Policies such as Workers Compensation or General Liability. Call Aegis directly at 713-850-7622 or go online to request a free quote or more information.

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