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Written by Adam Miller
Four Ways Your Business Might Be Making a Bad First Impression

First impressions can make or break a business. Whether customers are walking into a restaurant, retail store, or other business, what they immediately see and experience will shape all future interactions with that business, and well as how they tell others about it. It's imperative that business owners take an honest look around their business on a regular basis to make sure they correct any red flag issues that could create bad first impressions with customers. Today's Aegis blog post looks at four areas businesses should examine and correct right away.

Clutter and Disorganization

One of the first red flags that can create a negative first impression is when customers walk into a business in disarray. For example, shoppers in a clothing store will be dissuaded to continue shop there if clothing is disorganized and laying in heaps and piles on clothing racks. When diners walk into a restaurant with few customers but lots of tables heaped with dirty dishes and glassware that haven't been cleared away, it might make them question the cleanliness of the kitchen. Business owners can help ensure a positive first impression every time by making sure clutter and trash is cleared and merchandise is organized throughout each shift.

Messy Restrooms

Another area of concern for many customers is the condition of the public restrooms. Restaurants in particular can suffer a hit to their reputation if customers are disgusted by the state of the restrooms because it can signal a cleanliness problem throughout the entire restaurant or deli. No customer wants to walk in and find empty toilet paper rolls, discarded paper towels on the floor, or dirty floors, toilets, and sinks. Businesses with public restrooms need to ensure that restrooms are inspected thoroughly on the hour to ensure customers and employees have safe, clean facilities to use. It can help promote customer and employee health and prevent costly slips, falls, and injuries on company property.

Poor Customer Service

Customers can quickly form a negative opinion of a business when they immediately encounter poor customer service. Examples of this are restaurant patrons walking in and not being greeted, seated, or acknowledged for a long period of time. For retailers, poor customer service can lead to shoppers leaving and shopping elsewhere because no one was available to answer their question or help them reach an item that was located on a high shelf or locked behind a counter. Good customer service starts with thorough training as staff members are hired, and should include regular training updates as safety and health protocols change so that workers and employees are safe.

Damaged Walkways and Parking Areas

Finally, customers should not have to gingerly walk across damaged sidewalks or entrances to enter a business, nor should they have to dodge potholes or broken concrete and rebar in parking lots to avoid damage to their vehicles. Businesses should regularly inspect the exterior of their property and make repairs to anything that could cause injury or property damage for customers and employees. This can help reduce possible liability claims and make customers feel safer when they're on a commercial property.

Making a good first impression is the key step to growing a business and establishing a loyal customer base. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is also committed to helping businesses focus on their growth and success by providing customized Commercial Insurance solutions tailored to their unique industry needs. Whether you own a restaurant, bar, retail shop, auto repair facility, or other business, we can help ensure your business has the financial protection and peace of mind needed for long-term success. Contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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