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Written by Adam Miller
Four Ways QR Codes Can Help Your Business

Smartphones have changed the way people interact with businesses, and QR codes have been an integral part of that change. QR codes are scannable patterns that contain links and data that help customers connect in new ways with businesses.

In today's Aegis blog post, we look at four ways that QR codes can help businesses across a wide variety of industries, including retailers, restaurants, contractors, and more. Using QR codes in innovative ways can help companies boost revenue, customer traffic, and their overall business reputation.

1. Printing Cost Savings

The most significant way that QR codes can help businesses is by reducing printing costs for restaurants and other companies that have frequent printing needs. Restaurants that normally print daily menus can replace those with QR codes that customers scan to view their menu options. They can still print paper menus for customers that need them, but in a much smaller volume.

Businesses like contractors or repair shops that normally send out large mailers to their neighboring community can switch to cheaper postcard mailers with QR codes listing important details. A QR code is a much simpler way for businesses to promote their key information without expensive print and postage costs.

2. Immediate Updates and Seasonal Deals

QR codes can also help companies promote their newest products, upcoming events, seasonal specials, and limited-time offers without having to re-do much of their business signage or create detailed graphics. Restaurants, bars, and bakeries can email or display QR codes that contain seasonal menus or drink specials, and retail stores can use them promote new items or holiday sales.

Using QR codes gives businesses the opportunity to increase foot traffic and let customers know about important sales and seasonal products that they might love. Companies can also reward customers by using QR codes to open up limited discounts or coupon codes that they can apply towards a future purchase.

3. Simplify Customer Outreach

It can be a challenge for businesses to connect with their customers on a regular basis, but using QR codes can simplify that process. Companies can print QR codes on receipts to allow people to join their mailing lists or point them towards their business app that connects them on an even greater level.

Companies that rely on feedback from customers, such as contractors or service providers, can also use QR codes to encourage people to leave reviews on their website or search engines. Having more customer reviews and feedback gives businesses the opportunity strengthen their reputation, make improvements, and resolve customer issues.

4. Increase Social Media Interaction

Finally, companies depend on social media to build brand awareness and connect with people, and QR codes can help do both. QR codes can be posted throughout a business, in targeted emails, and on receipts to encourage them to like and follow their social media pages.

Social media interactions can be incredibly valuable to companies as customers interact, leave comments, and share posts about specials and sales. It can also help boost a company's reputation among the community as people leave their positive feedback, photos, and reviews as well.

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