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Four Ways to Make Your Retail Business Safer

Customers that visit shopping centers and retail stores want lots of purchasing options and store amenities, but they also want to feel safe and secure while they're on the property. When people feel unsafe or find their vehicles burglarized, they are far less likely to return and will likely warn others not to visit.

In today's Aegis blog post, we'll examine four ways retailers can make their property safer, not just for customers, but also employees. A safer retail center is more likely to see long-term success because they have more customers, happier employees, and a better reputation within their community.

Install Additional Interior and Exterior Lighting

Retailers can significantly improve the safety of their retail store or shopping center by installing additional interior and exterior lighting throughout the property. Surface lots, parking garages, entrances, and exits should all have ample lighting to improve safety at night.

Businesses that have bright parking areas and well-lit entrances and exits are much safer for employees and customers because they are less likely to encounter thieves, have their cars burglarized, or trip and fall while walking at night. Also, bright commercial properties are less likely to be vandalized, sparing businesses from having property damage or unsightly graffiti.

Improve Safety Equipment and PPE

Retail stores can also make their businesses safer for employees and customers by improving their safety tools and Personal Protection Equipment. For example, stores should make sure any ladders or merchandise forklifts are in good working condition and safely secured when not in use.

Also, retailers should also consider the safety and comfort of their employees as they work throughout the day. Possible solutions can include:

  • Cushioned foot mats available at cash registers to alleviate cashier discomfort
  • Safety vests and harnesses for workers using tall warehouse forklifts
  • Gloves for handling heavy merchandise
  • Lifting back braces for lumbar support

These simple additions can help promote the health and safety of employees, which can decrease worksite accidents and injuries.

Add Security Patrol or Alarm Systems

Companies interested in boosting their security should also consider adding regular security patrols, even on a part-time basis. Having a regular security patrol can deter vandals and car burglars, and can help prevent property damage. Security guards can also help escort customers or employees to their vehicles late at night, and can help if people need vehicle or medical assistance while on site.

In addition, top quality alarm systems have improved over the years, making it even easier for business owners to monitor their property at all times of the day. Owners and property managers can view security cameras from mobile devices, and the clarity of video surveillance cameras are able to better identify faces and vehicles of criminals on the property.

Regular Employee Safety Training

Finally, retailers can improve the overall safety of their business for employees and customers by offering regular safety training sessions with their workforce. Employees should be well trained on how to handle a wide variety of safety and emergency issues, from fire evacuations, robberies, medical emergencies, and workplace accidents.

In addition, workers should have refresher training courses on safe cash handling, operating retail machinery and equipment, and de-escalation techniques with irate customers. When workers have proper training, they are better able to protect themselves and customers in the event of an emergency.

How Aegis Insurance & Financial Services Can Help

Retailers are an important part of our economy, and in order to be successful long-term, they need to be places that are safe for shoppers and employees alike. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services supports retail owners by offering a wide variety of Commercial Insurance products to meet their unique industry needs.

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