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Four Ways To Make Your Business Safer This Fall

As summer finally draws to a close and people welcome the arrival of cooler temperatures, it is the ideal time for business owners to prepare for the fall by inspecting all areas of their property for possible repairs and improvements. As we begin to see earlier sunsets and longer evenings, it's important that commercial properties take proactive steps to make their businesses as safe as possible for customers, employees, vendors, and any other guests to their property. Today's Aegis blog post offers four suggestions for making your business safer this fall.

Increased Property Lighting

Making your commercial property brighter in the evening hours is one of the most effective ways to increase safety on your business site. Businesses can start by increasing the number of landscape and security lights across the perimeter of the property, from parking areas to doorways and everywhere in between. This can help reduce possible liability issues from injuries or property damages such as theft or vandalism.

Security Monitoring

Companies can also increase commercial property safety by having an increased security presence on site, whether through security officers to patrol the property, or by installing video monitoring systems across the site. Thieves and other petty criminals are far less likely to strike a business or an individual if they see a patrol officer on duty. In addition, security monitoring can also help identify individuals attempting to trespass or committing crimes on the property, which can aid law enforcement efforts.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Another important step in improving property safety is having trees and shrubs on site pruned back by Landscape Professionals. This can significantly improve visibility for customers and employees and can help prevent auto/pedestrian accidents that might occur because of blind spots or poor visibility. In addition, pruning improves tree health and makes trees more stable for future growth, reducing possible tree limb failures or property damage.

Repair Sidewalks and Pedestrian Areas

Finally, businesses can improve safety by repairing or improving pedestrian walkways that could cause trips and falls. For example, sidewalks with cracked concrete should be repaired to prevent injuries or accidents to customers or employees. In addition, improved signage can also alert people to steps ahead that might be difficult to see otherwise. These proactive steps to improve pedestrian areas can help decrease the chances of companies being hit with liability claims or Workers Compensation issues.

People should have peace of mind when on a commercial property, especially in the evening hours, so these safety improvements can go a long way in making that happen. In addition, companies should also take steps to have the right kind of Commercial Insurance in place in the event of an accident or liability issue. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services helps companies get the right kind of insurance protection for their industry and unique business needs. Contact our office today at 713-850-7622 for more information or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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