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Four Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your Business

Your company can offer great services and products, but it'll be difficult to even get customers in your doors if the outside of your business property looks dingy or unwelcoming. Enhancing the outside of your commercial property can go a long way in attracting new customers or welcoming back old customers that may have forgotten about your business.

In today's Aegis blog post, we'll look at four ways to improve the exterior of your business to boost curb appeal and help welcome more customers through your doors.

Bold and Bright Signage

One of the most important ways to attract customers to your business is with bright, bold, and effective signage that can clearly be seen from the road. Whether you have channel letter signs on your building, a bright pylon LED sign, or traditional brick monument sign near the street, good signage should clearly display your business name in the day or at night to make it easy to find.

In addition, older signs can become broken or faded over time, so these should also be replaced or upgraded to enhance your curb appeal. Also, it's important to make sure all building or street-level signage is visible and is not blocked by tall trees or shrubs.

Welcoming Entrances

Customers want to walk up to your business and see an attractive and welcoming entrance. This means doors and windows should be cleaned daily to project a clean and professional image, and customers should have a clear pathway to doorways without merchandise or carts blocking their way.

In addition, entryways should be regularly cleared from debris and trash cans should be emptied out regularly so garbage is not spilling over. If your business is open during evening hours, then lights should be checked to make sure they're all functioning properly so guests can enter and exit safely.

Safer Parking Lots and Sidewalks

Sometimes customers can be deterred from going inside of your business because of the poor condition of the parking lot or lack of safe walking areas. Parking lots should offer bright lighting to enhance customer and employee safety and deter criminals.

Also, any potholes or damaged areas of the parking lot or nearby walkways should also be repaired. Otherwise, customers could injure themselves or damage their vehicles on your property, which could lead to potential liability claims against your business.

Well Maintained Landscaping

Finally, a business property that offers a well-maintained and lush landscape is far more likely to welcome in shoppers or customers, particularly if they also offer outdoor seating or patios. A restaurant with patio seating should have healthy, attractive shrubs and plants nearby to help offer privacy, and trees to provide shade.

In addition, any grass or landscape gardens should be free from weeds and should be watered regularly to maintain curb appeal. Trash and other debris should also be picked up to help present a good first impression to new visitors.

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