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Written by Adam Miller
Four Ways To Have A Healthier 2015

As a new year begins, it's common for people to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for improved personal health. Unfortunately, many of these resolutions are broken after just a few months, weeks or even days. Not all New Year's resolutions have to be major undertakings – they can be simple, attainable goals and changes that can result in positive outcomes. In today's blog post, we'll look at four simple ways to have a healthier 2015.

Eat Smarter

One simple solution to a healthier lifestyle in the New Year comes from eating out less and cooking at home more. This resolution is fantastic for individuals, couples and families as it gives people better control of ingredients and overall nutrition while saving money on dining costs. This is especially important for people with food allergies or sensitivities, or those that require reduced-fat or low-sodium meals.

Add Regular Exercise

Americans lead more sedentary lives, with an increased amount of time spent in office chairs and home recliners due to advances in online, television, and smartphone access. The addition of regular, simple exercises can make a significant impact on immediate and long-term health. Individuals can especially benefit from getting an exercise accountability partner. This can provide consistency in exercising, and exercise partners can encourage each other to reach new fitness goals, such as running a 5K or learning a new sport. Even low-impact exercise like yoga or walking, or high impact like spinning classes or cardio workouts, can make a big difference on overall health.

Curb Habitual Vices

By curbing smoking and other habitual vices that compromise personal health, individuals can greatly improve their lifestyle and extend their life span. Whether you're a casual or chain smoker, smoking can threaten immediate and long-term health for individuals and their family members. Medical experts have long shown the detrimental effects of prolonged tobacco use, and e-cigarettes have not been proven to be safer for individuals either. Additionally, casual drinking throughout the year may not be harmful, but regular consumption of heavy alcohol can cause major health problems and also lead to dangerous behavior such as drunk driving.

Get Annual Checkups

Annual checkups for men and women are beneficial to assess personal health and learn what other changes might be recommended to stay in optimal health. Regular checkups can result in early detection and treatment for major illnesses, and they also provide individuals an opportunity to share any on-going health concerns or unusual symptoms. Often, individuals wait until their health is in serious decline before visiting a physician, delaying their recovery and jeopardizing their health.

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