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Four Types of Insurance Your College Student May Need

As summer draws to a close, millions of college students are preparing to start their fall semester, either away from home or commuting to their local campus. While parents might be helping their kids shop or pack, this should also be a time of preparation for them to make sure their students have all the insurance coverage they need.

Learn about the four types of Personal Insurance your college student may need this year, and how Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can partner with you to ensure they're fully protected.

Auto Insurance

Nearly half of all college students take a vehicle with them when they move away to school, and millions more drive on a regular basis as they commute to their hometown college or university. Auto Insurance is a must-have for your college student if they plan to drive your vehicle or their own to and from campus.

Even if your college-age student is normally a responsible and safe driver at home, they might be tempted to be less cautious while away at school and driving with friends, so good Auto Insurance is needed in the event of an accident or injury.

Renters Insurance

When your student moves away to school, personal insurance is necessary to protect their personal property from theft, loss, damages, fire, or other covered events. For some college students, their property is protected under your own existing Homeowners Insurance policy.

However, if your college student plans to live off-campus in an apartment or rental home, then Renters Insurance is needed to protect their property in the event of loss or damage. Without it, your college student could face replacing all their clothing, electronics, textbooks, and other personal property out of pocket if disaster strikes and their personal property is ruined or stolen.

Health Insurance

Although college students tend to be healthier than most other adults, they still can fall ill or hurt themselves while away at school. Health Insurance is essential coverage for every college student, whether they live on campus or at home with you.

Your student may be able to remain on your existing family Health Insurance coverage, but if not, you should ensure they have health coverage in place to cover doctor visits or unexpected medical emergencies. It's important to make sure any health insurance coverage included doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies near their school, as it can make them more likely to get help instead of delaying needed care.

Life Insurance

Finally, no parent wants to think about needing Life Insurance for their college student, but the reality is that Life Insurance is a necessary protection for the entire family. College students may incur a substantial amount of student loan debt during their time in school, and an unexpected death would make their surviving family responsible for repaying their student debts.

Life Insurance can provide the financial assistance needed to cover outstanding student loans in the event your student passes away, as well as covering funeral expenses and other debts.

Aegis Insurance Protects College Students

Before your college student starts their fall semester, make sure they have the Personal Insurance coverage they need by contacting Aegis Insurance & Financial Services to discuss coverage needs and options. Our team of Personal Insurance agents can review your existing policies and identify potential gaps in coverage to ensure your college student is well protected.

Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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