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Written by Adam Miller
Four Tips To Reduce General Liability Claims

There are a myriad of risks that small-business owners face, including theft, weather disasters, and unfavorable online reviews. However, one of the most common threats to any business comes from General Liability lawsuits. Thankfully, businesses can take proactive steps to reduce these largely preventable claims and protect the future of their company. Today's blog post will highlight four simple tips that can help reduce a company's exposure to General Liability lawsuits.

Properly Train All Employees

One of the key aspects of reducing General Liability claims comes from thorough and on-going training for all employees. Training can include customer service procedures, security measures to safeguard company assets, safety protocols to protect employees and customers, and proper handling of customer property. Policies are only as good as the employees following them, so it's key to ensure they understand the importance of compliance to protect both the company and their job.

Remove Tripping Hazards

A substantial number of General Liability lawsuits stem from customer or employee falls or trips, especially on slippery floors, slick walkways, uneven sidewalks, or potholes in parking lots. Businesses can be proactive by always repairing issues that cause uneven walking surfaces, and adding mats to absorb moisture accumulating near stairs or doorways. People can also be better protected through the installation of handrails on staircases and sloped walkways.

Install Additional Lighting

Although some businesses prefer dim lights to create ambiance or establish a serene space, the reality is that brighter lights are safer for customers, vendors and employees. The installation of additional lighting, especially in outdoor spaces, can reduce potential crimes such as robberies or muggings that occur more often in poorly lit areas. Also, brighter lights also make it easier to see objects that could cause injuries, and also enhance the visibility for security cameras and videos.

Clear Signage Throughout The Property

The final step in helping reduce exposure to General Liability lawsuits is ensuring that there is clear and bright signage throughout the property. Whether on a sidewalk, parking garage, surface lot, entryway, lobby, bathroom, or other interior or exterior space, clear signage helps protect both individuals and the business. Signage can be related to building safety, safe handling of products or materials, proper reporting methods for personnel problems, cautions for walkways, and other important reminders for personal and property safety.

Although businesses cannot ever be completely shielded from lawsuits, there are effective steps companies can take to proactively prevent or reduce their occurrence. Aegis supports local businesses, and strives to create commercial insurance solutions that offer great financial security and protection at competitive rates. Aegis offers a full range of Commercial Insurance policies to meet all your company's unique needs, including Business Owners Policy, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, and Commercial Property Insurance. Call Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online today for a free quote.

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