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Four Steps To Improving Parking Lot Safety On Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties welcome people throughout the day, whether they are employees, restaurant patrons, retail customers, or business clients. People should always be safe while on your commercial property, but one of the most common places a person could become hurt or the victim of a crime is in the parking lot of your business. Today's Aegis blog post looks at four steps to improving parking lot safety on a commercial site.

Video Monitoring System Installation

The first key step to improving property safety for customers and employees is having video monitoring systems installed on your site. Video monitoring software can help reduce possible theft, vandalism, and injuries by deterring criminals who don't want to get caught on camera. However, in the event of an incident on your site, video-monitoring systems can help identify possible suspects and provide video evidence for law enforcement.

Additional Landscape and Security Lighting

Personal and property safety can also be increased through the addition of landscape and security lighting, particularly in more hidden or isolated areas of the commercial property. It can provide peace of mind for people walking to and from their vehicles in the evening, and can also help provide reassurance that their vehicles and property inside will be safe.  Landscape and security lighting can also help reduce theft or vandalism of commercial vehicles as well. 

Regular Security Guard Patrols

If your commercial property contains high-end merchandise or equipment, consider having a security guard regularly patrol the perimeter of the property. They can help provide an added level of protection for the business and property inside, as well as for customers who might be walking to their vehicles after making a high-end purchase or are in an upscale part of town that criminals like to target.  Thieves are far less likely to target individuals, vehicles, or company property if they know there is a security guard or off-duty police officer regularly patrolling the area. 

Removal of Excess Shrubs and Vegetation

Finally, when a commercial property is well maintained and easy to see, it can make it much safer for customers and employees coming and going from the property. An increase in visibility on your commercial parking area means fewer areas for criminals to hide as they wait to steal or vandalize. This can be accomplished through the removal of excess shrubs and vegetation throughout the commercial property.

Commercial properties should be safe places for customers and employees, and these steps can help achieve this goal for business owners. When customers and employees feel safe and protected, they are more likely to have a positive perspective of your business and will share perspective that with others. In addition to these security measures, Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can help provide peace of mind and financial security for businesses of all sizes and industries. For more information about our full range of commercial insurance products, contact our office at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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