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Four Signs That Your Commercial Property May Need Repairs or Upgrades

Businesses are often so focused on running their business and meeting customer demands that they don't take the time to notice the condition of their building or surrounding property until it's too late. In the hustle and bustle of running a busy restaurant, an owner might not notice new cracks in the kitchen tile floors, or a retail store owner might not see a new water stain on the ceiling of their backroom storage area. All of these are signs that property maintenance or repair is needed soon, and leaving these too long could cause major damage that costs valuable time and money. In today's Aegis blog post, we highlight four signs to look for in order to minimize damage and protect the business.

Cracks in Walls or Flooring

One of the most glaring signs that a commercial building might be in need of repairs is when tile or concrete floors begin to crack and separate. This can be a clear sign of a shifting foundation, which can lead to future problems down the road with building stability, framing, and plumbing issues. When cracks begin to appear on property floors, or even near the building's exterior, owners should quickly call foundation repair contractors to assess the situation and make necessary repairs before more shifting and damage occurs.

Building Not Cooling Properly

Another sign that building repairs or upgrades are needed is when the property is not cooling properly. Over time, HVAC systems can wear out or need components replaced in order to work correctly and efficiently. When they don't work properly, this can lead to much higher utility costs as the HVAC system must work much harder to cool the building and property. Also, when a building struggles to maintain cooler temperatures, this can jeopardize other critical business assets such as refrigeration and freezers, and also merchandise and inventory that must be kept at specific temperatures. Newer HVAC systems should be maintained and inspected on a regular basis, and older HVAC systems may need to be replaced to maximize efficiency and lower utility bills.

Ceiling Leaks or Water Stains

A silent but costly issue that can devastate Texas businesses is a slow and undetected water leak in the roof or between walls of the property. Water leaks will usually leave behind tell-tale signs such as rust-colored stains in ceiling tiles or walls, but if they go unnoticed or are ignored, small leaks can create costly damage and issues such as mold growth, property damage, and employee health issues. Business owners should regularly check their property for any signs of water damage or leaks around their entire property, including retail or dining areas, kitchens, storage areas, restrooms, and offices to ensure there aren't early signs of property damage. These proactive steps can help prevent damage that can be time-consuming and very expensive to repair.

Poor Drainage on Exterior Property

Finally, the exterior of a commercial property is normally just an area maintained and landscaped for aesthetic purposes. However, it can also reveal poor property drainage and can lead to property flooding if not corrected quickly. Poor drainage on commercial property can mean that when severe weather hits the area, heavy rainfall is not able to quickly and properly drain away from the building or vehicles, and could cause property flooding and damage. Business owners should make sure that their commercial property does not have any blocked storm drains on their street or in their parking lots, and that drainage is improved to prevent standing pools of water on their commercial property.

Businesses are a critical part of our world and our country's success, so protecting business owners, their property, and employees is a top priority at Aegis Insurance & Financial Services. We believe in protecting all facets of a business so that owners and employees can focus on their company's long-term growth and success, knowing they have financial protection in the event of a disaster. Contact Aegis today for more information about our full range of Commercial Insurance policies, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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