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Written by Adam Miller
Four Risks Retailers May Encounter During The Holidays

If you venture inside any major retailer, department store, or big box store, you're likely to see a wide array of holiday décor and items for sale. Although the holiday season is the busiest season for both small and major retailers, it can also come with major risks for the business and its owners. In today's blog post, we'll highlight four major risks retailers face during the holiday season, and some simple ways business owners can manage and reduce their risk exposure.


Unfortunately, theft is at its highest rates during the holiday season, as criminals target retail shops of all types in order to steal merchandise or cash from registers. Some burglarize retail stores or warehouses at night, while others are more brazen and steal during the daytime, as they can slip into crowds and disappear undetected. Retail shops can better protect their merchandise, equipment, and employees by installing security cameras with digital recordings and night-vision capability to catch criminals striking businesses at night.

Falls and Injuries

Retailers can also face higher liability issues due to trips, falls, and injuries during the busy holiday shopping season. Sadly, the mad rush of holiday shoppers during Black Friday sales often leads to shopper injuries due to trips, falls, shoving, and trampling. Without proper crowd controls and security, the number of injured shoppers can increase dramatically, leading to large liability issues for retailers. In addition, the large amount of holiday décor and lights can create a tripping hazard for shoppers inside and outside the business, and storeowners may be held liable for medical expenses incurred due to their injuries. Businesses should be sure to secure all power cords and holiday décor to prevent injuries to customers and employees.

Unruly Customers

Black Friday sales can create a frantic retail atmosphere, making shopping a dangerous and risky endeavor because of people's desperation to get a good deal. Each year, there are hundreds of shoppers injured, and even some killed, trying to get their hands on a limited sale item. Retail stores can be held liable if they create an unsafe shopping area or do not provide ample security or assistance to protect shoppers. In order to reduce potential injuries and store liability, there should be ample security, and even police presence if necessary, to ensure a calm and orderly shopping experience with no fighting or injuries.

Stressed Employees

The holiday shopping season isn't just exhausting for shoppers, but also retail employees. There is a trio of factors that can quickly leave retail employees exhausted and stressed: impatient crowds of shoppers, large amounts of merchandise to stock, and longer work schedules. Stressed retail employees might end up quitting on the spot due to exhaustion, or overlook regular security practices, leading to large losses for the retail business. To curb potential losses and reduce employee turnover during the busy shopping season, retail owners should be sure to rotate employees regularly among available shifts, and consider ordering food and beverages for them so they stay fed and hydrated.

Retailers love the busy holiday shopping season, and a few proactive steps can ensure that it remains a safe environment for owners, shoppers, and employees in spite of the crowds and occasional chaos. Aegis can also help provide another layer of added security for retail owners through our outstanding range of Commercial Insurance policies for retailers of all sizes. Aegis offers Commercial Property Insurance, Business Owners Policy, Workers Compensation, General Liability, Excess Liability, and Commercial Auto coverage to protect Houston businesses this holiday season. Call us at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online to request a free quote today!


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