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Four Property Enhancements That Make Your Business Stand Out

When you're a business owner, especially one in an established shopping center or older part of town, it can be difficult to make your commercial property stand out from the crowd and attract customers. You need to be able to announce your presence within the community and create a positive first impression to anyone passing by your business.

Discover four kinds of property enhancements that can create positive buzz for your business, drive foot traffic, and increase revenues. Also learn how Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can help protect your new business enhancements and investments.

Business Sign Upgrades

The very first thing people will likely see at your business is your business signage, whether it's storefront channel letters, a brick monument sign near the street, or a tall pylon sign with your name and logo. Unfortunately, a faded, damaged, or bland sign may create a negative impression and hurt your bottom line.

If your business signs are outdated or don't function correctly, you may consider upgrading your business signs to more eye-catching options. You could choose a bright new logo sign with bold colors, a storefront sign that displays your most recent font and business style, or a LED sign that announces upcoming sales or events to customers.

Good signage can go a long way in helping your business stand out within the community and among your market competition.

Outdoor Patios or Landscaping

Restaurants, bars, and retail spaces have seen an uptick in customer demand for fun and comfortable outdoor areas, such as dining patios, enclosed green spaces for kids to play, or beautiful gardens for relaxing or gathering with friends. Your business could attract a larger audience by investing in outdoor patios, covered outdoor dining areas, or landscape gardens with ample seating.

By promoting your business as a place to relax and engage with others while enjoying the outdoors, your business is positioned to increase revenue by having larger tabs or more return customers who enjoy the natural amenities your property has to offer.

Fresh Paint and Building Maintenance

Your business should always look its best, and a fresh paint job and basic building maintenance can help present a professional and polished look for your commercial property. A new paint job can enhance the look of your building, and power washing can remove build up grime and dirt on exterior walls, parking lots, and entrances.

Building maintenance may also extend the life of your commercial building and protect the assets inside, such as equipment, furniture, and inventory. For instance, gutters can be cleaned out to promote good rainfall drainage, and rooftops should be inspected to detect any potential leaks or damage.

When your property looks great, people will take notice and be more willing to visit your business because of its welcoming and attractive appearance.

Iconic Backdrops and Destination Landmarks

Social media plays a significant role in how companies promote their business and attract new and returning customers, and great photos can help enhance your business reputation online. When your business property has funny, artistic, or iconic artwork and graphics on display, it can make your company a must-see destination for customers or influencers active on social media.

Aegis Protects Business Property Investments

When you make property improvements to enhance your commercial building, Aegis Insurance & Financial Services is ready to protect these investments, as well as your building, equipment, tools, inventory, vehicles, and other key assets. At Aegis, we offer a full range of Commercial Insurance policies that work for your specific business goals and industry needs, all at competitive rates.

To learn more about Commercial Insurance policies, such as Commercial Property, General Liability, Excess Liability, and more, contact Aegis at 713-850-7622 to speak with a Commercial Agent or fill out our online form to request a free quote.

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