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Five Types of Videos That Can Boost Your Business

Social media continues to influence how people learn, shop, and discover new things. Businesses that are able to create and share great video content on social media are much more likely to generate positive buzz and draw in new and returning customers.

In today's Aegis blog post we'll look at five types of videos that can help boost your brand and attract visitors, as well as the industries that can benefit the most.

Enticing Food Videos

For restaurants, bakeries, bars, and diners, no content is more valuable to promoting your brand than an enticing and well-made video. Whether it's a gorgeous porterhouse steak on the grill, a fun and exciting new cocktail, a scrumptious seafood tower, or an over-the-top dessert, your food and drink videos can help make your menu selections a must-try for new and returning customers.

Your food videos should spotlight the absolute best of your bar or restaurant, and you should offer a rotation of content that captures appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks and cocktails, family meals, or catering options. All of these can help attract attention better than any kind of static ad in a mailer or magazine.

Behind the Scenes

A growing number of restaurants, retail stores, contractors, and other businesses have seen a rising interest in behind-the-scenes videos that capture how everything is made or created. For example, hardware stores have made viral videos showing how to create paint mixtures, general contractors might show videos of before and after repairs, restaurants and bakeries have shown how they prepare and plate meals and desserts, and other retailers may show a typical day in their store for employees.

All of these videos can help create positive feedback and generate interest in your business. You can ask customers what they'd most like to learn or see behind the scenes of your business to help identify what would generate the most buzz.

Lessons or Instructional Videos

Have you ever wondered how they make your favorite salsa or dessert at your go-to restaurant? Maybe you've even searched for a video or recipe to see if you can recreate it at home, or you've looked for a video on how to repair a broken appliance at home.

When your business offers lessons or instructional videos that show customers how some of their favorites are made, or how to fix a problem at home, you're helping solidify the authenticity of your business. In addition, you help them think of your business first when they don't feel like cooking at home, or trying to fix a broken appliance or household issue.

New Product Spotlights

Videos can also help boost your company by showcasing new products, services, or menu options available. Many people are hesitant to sign up for email newsletters out of a fear of spam, so a great video can help promote what's new instead.

Your restaurant can create videos showing new seasonal dishes, your contracting business can spotlight new technology or equipment, or your bar can spotlight new cocktails or locally-sourced beers and liquors. All of this video content can be a great way to entice people back to your business if they haven't been in a while, or convince them to try your business for the first time.

Promote Upcoming Events

Finally, great video content can help attract people to your upcoming events, openings, celebrations, new releases, and other gatherings. Promotional events are an important way to boost visibility, but they're not very effective if people aren't there to participate.

Invite new and returning customers to your business with videos that spotlight all the fun and exciting parts of your upcoming events and parties. You can announce specific activities and giveaways, detail participating businesses and sponsors, or share details for contests or drawings to help attract more foot traffic to your business events.

Aegis Can Boost Your Businesses

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