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Five Bad Safety Risks Companies Should Avoid

Employees should expect to feel safe and protected while on the job, but unfortunately worksite accidents and injuries are still far too common in the U.S. Each year, over 3 million workers are injured in some form while at work, whether because of falls, overexertion, electrocutions, being struck by objects, or other causes.

Employee injuries and accidents that led to six or more days of missed work cost companies over $61 billion in 2013 alone. Companies that are desperate to protect their employees, reduce missed work time, and improve productivity should first start by examining their safety risks and developing better safety strategies. Today's blog post shines a light on five bad safety risks companies should avoid to protect both employees and their businesses.

Employees Lacking Proper Safety Gear

When employees are not provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), they are far more likely to suffer serious workplace injuries and miss more days of work than those who are given proper safety gear. Employees in higher risk industries should be provided with safety glasses, hard hats, hearing protection, safety clothing, protective footwear, flame-retardant gear, or other protective equipment in order to keep them safer.

Messy Work Environment

Some worksites can get a little dusty and grimy because of the nature of their industry, but when a workplace becomes filthy and chaotic, it quickly becomes a dangerous work environment. Workers facing unkempt warehouses, dirty floors, and poorly stored equipment, materials, and inventory can suffer a host of serious injuries. Companies can better protect both employees and company assets by creating and maintaining an organized, clean work environment and inventory area.

Not Mandating Employee Safety Training

An important way to increase workplace safety for employees is to ensure that employees complete safety training, as well as comply with workplace safety guidelines. However, companies that make safety training and adherence simply optional run a much higher risk of worker injuries, lost productivity, and damaged commercial property and equipment.  To help incentivize compliance, companies can rewards or prizes for employees that complete a specific number of safety training exercises.

No Emergency Plan In Place

Another way businesses increase their risk of potential worker injuries and onsite accidents is by not having emergency plans in place. Whether it's a restaurant dealing with a kitchen fire, a farm or ranch facing a massive windstorm, an office complex battling flash flooding, or a warehouse experiencing a major chemical spill, employees and management need to have well-thought out emergency plans in place so every workers knows what to do and where to be safe in an emergency. Otherwise, workers can face mass chaos and suffer devastating injuries in a rush to get out or in an attempt to help.

Overworking Employees

Companies that allow, encourage, or demand employees to work around the clock with no breaks not only violate many labor laws, but they can also put their employees and company at severe risk for accidents. Exhausted employees become distracted employees that injure themselves and other employees, and can cause major damages to company equipment, structures, or merchandise. Companies must comply with labor laws and encourage employees to take breaks and time off to recharge and rest, or risk serious worksite accidents.

Companies rely on employees to manufacture products, sell merchandise, perform services, and help the business with its daily operations. However, when employees are not safe in their own workplace, it can create huge safety and liability risks for business owners. Aegis is pleased to partner with companies of all sizes and industries to provide them with top-quality Commercial Insurance coverage and protection, all at competitive rates. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Aegis can help with all your business insurance needs, whether it's Business Owners Policy, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, General Liability, or Excess Liability coverage. Give Aegis a call today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online to request a free business insurance quote today.

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