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Written by Adam Miller
Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Property

With fall weather just around the corner, businesses across Texas are ready to celebrate the arrival of milder temperatures and more pleasant outdoor opportunities for their customers. For retailers, this might mean hosting outdoor events for shoppers and visitors, and for restaurant owners, this might mean additional guests and special events in patios and outdoor dining areas. In any case, business owners should take the opportunity to prepare their commercial property for the upcoming fall weather so their business is as safe and welcoming as possible for their guests, employees, and vendors.

Prune Trees and Large Shrubs

Trees benefit commercial properties by adding natural beauty and cooling shade, while also helping reduce wind and noise pollution for businesses. However, overgrown trees can become a nuisance if their branches come too close to utility lines, buildings, or vehicles parked on the site. Large trees should regularly be pruned back to prevent any possible damages, utility disruptions, or injuries and accidents from falling branches. In addition, large shrubs should also be pruned back or trimmed to improve visibility for people walking or driving on the property. Pruning and trimming makes business properties safer while also improving the health and strength of trees.

Inspect and Repair Exterior Walkways and Entrances

As more customers and employees spend time outside, it's important to ensure exterior areas are safe and free from hazards such as uneven concrete, loose stepping stones, or tree roots or overgrown landscape plants. These should be repaired or replaced to avoid any possible employee injuries or customer accidents. Also, it is essential that entrances are safe for all customers, particularly those who rely on accessibility ramps and stairway handrails for safety. Handrails should be inspected to ensure they are still secure and stable, and all handicap parking areas should have clear signage and be free from landscape debris or trash.

Add Exterior Lighting

Finally, business properties can have added protection for customers, vendors, and employees by adding exterior lighting to the property. This might mean additional lights near business signage to improve visibility at night. Also, parking lots should have ample lighting to ensure the safety of all who enter or leave the property after dark. This can help avoid both trips and falls, as well as deterring possible criminal activity such as car burglary, customer robberies, or vandalism.

Fall can be an exciting time for businesses as they welcome more customers in the pleasant weather and prepare for a busy holiday season. It should also be a time for businesses to take proactive steps to maintain safety and property health. At Aegis Insurance & Financial Services, we also committed to protecting businesses through our wide range of Commercial Insurance policies, which can be tailored to your unique industry needs and business goals. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information about our Business Insurance options, or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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