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Factors to Consider Before Buying a New Commercial Vehicle

As the year draws to a close, some businesses will face an uptick in deliveries and customer service calls but may be stuck with unreliable commercial trucks and vans, or not enough vehicles to meet demand. Industries such as restaurants, delis, bakeries, and retail stores depend on commercial vehicles but business owners should consider many important factors when making an investment on a replacement or second commercial vehicle. Today's Aegis blog post examines some of these key factors to consider.

Safety Features and Fuel Efficiency

Existing commercial trucks and vans can do the job, but over time they can be a financial burden because of poor fuel efficiency and a lack of safety and technology features. With a more modern delivery van or commercial truck, companies can save money on fuel costs, and also have safer vehicles that offer GPS navigation systems or hands-free technology so drivers are better protected.

Improved Delivery or Service Times

One of the biggest issues with older commercial vehicles is that over time they can break down and become unreliable, even with regular maintenance. An unreliable commercial truck or delivery van can lead to delays in customer deliveries or a decrease in completed service calls, and very unhappy customers. Companies can avoid these issues by replacing their existing commercial vehicle or purchasing a second vehicle that allows for improved and increased deliveries or service calls.

Insurance Changes

Finally, companies should also remember that commercial vehicle purchases will also impact their business insurance coverage. Although there may be an uptick in overall policy costs when adding a second vehicle, the additional technology and safety features of newer vehicles may result in premium discounts, as well as discounts for covering multiple vehicles under one policy.

Commercial vehicles can be an important investment for restaurants, retailers, and many other kinds of industries that rely on service trucks, delivery vans, and company cars. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can help your business get the commercial insurance coverage needed to protect new and existing commercial vehicles, as well all other important commercial property. Contact our Aegis team at 713-850-7622 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free quote today.

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