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Written by Adam Miller
Employees of ExxonMobil planning to relocate to Houston within the next year should keep in mind that Houston is a commuter city, so it is essential to have a good vehicle and quality auto insurance for exploring the city.

ExxonMobil recently released new updates and photos of their sprawling 385-acre campus under construction just north of Houston. This massive complex will be the future worksite of over 10,000 ExxonMobil employees, many of which will be relocating from areas outside Houston. As many ExxonMobil employees begin preparations for their upcoming relocation, many have questions regarding the Houston area and surrounding neighborhoods, schools, recreational activities and retail centers.

ExxonMobil employees relocating to the Houston area within the next year and curious about the city will quickly discover that Houston is a very large city. The greater Houston metropolitan area is a spread out over 8 counties and is home to over 4 million residents spread out over 9,000 square miles. The new ExxonMobil campus is located within Harris County, the largest county in Texas and bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island.

The sheer size of Houston may be a change for relocating ExxonMobil employees trying to determine their transportation options for commuting, schools, shopping and entertainment. Unfortunately, because of Houston's lower elevation in relation to the sea level, and propensity for flooding during hurricane season, there is a lack of mass transit options such as commuter trains or subways. For ExxonMobil employees transferring to the new Houston area campus, it will be essential to have a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle with good air conditioning to ensure a smooth transition to Houston.

Houston is home to over 700 miles of freeways, highways, and city streets, and over 70% of Houston residents commute alone in their vehicles to work. Navigating Houston's highway system will be a necessity to reach many retail centers, recreational areas, sports and cultural entertainment venues, and other places of interest. Because of the high volume of drivers throughout the Houston area, it is important to not just have the state minimum of automobile insurance, but quality auto insurance coverage that will protect you and your family during any kind of auto accident.

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