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Written by Adam Miller
Does Your Retail Business Need More Security During The Holidays

For retailers, the holiday season is a welcome time of additional shoppers and increased revenue, but it can also bring with an increase in crime and injuries. Retailers across the country can reduce their risk and protect employees and customers with a few simple proactive steps.

Learn why your retail business may need extra security during the holiday season, some helpful steps you can take to boost security, and how Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can provide extra peace of mind.

Greater Risk from Larger Crowds

One of the most important risks to consider for your retail business during the holiday season is the increase in shoppers. Large crowds are great for your bottom line, but more shoppers also mean the potential for more aggressive and angry interactions from disruptive customers. This is especially true right before the holidays, and right after when people are looking for post-Christmas sales.

By increasing your available workforce, you reduce the risk for potential safety issues and have more workers on hand to process sales and handle crowd control. Extra employees can also help keep your retail store neat and tidy to offer a positive shopping experience for everyone.

Better Protection for High-End Merchandise

Snatch-and-grab theft increases dramatically during the holiday season as individuals and large crowds of thieves can target a store with luxury goods and try to make a quick getaway. By adding additional security guards or camera systems, you can deter thieves that might attempt to quickly rob your store of merchandise or cash.

In addition, your retail business can lock away expensive electronics, jewelry, handbags, and video game consoles behind locked cages or glass cases for added protection. This can make it harder for thieves to quickly grab merchandise without causing a disturbance.

Building Security Needed for Holiday Closures

Finally, when you close your retail business to give workers a chance to rest and celebrate the holidays with their loved ones, it will also mean your business will be left empty. It's essential to have added part-time or full-time security guards patrolling your property to ensure thieves and vandals don't try to target your business during holiday or evening closures.

Aegis Protects Your Retail Business

This holiday season, make sure your retail business has the protection it needs with reliable, comprehensive Retail Insurance from Aegis Insurance & Financial Services. We can tailor a Commercial Insurance portfolio that meets the unique needs of your industry and business, all at competitive rates.

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