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Written by Adam Miller
Regardless of your proximity to a flood plain, InsurTexas helps Houstonians get quality and reliable flood insurance coverage for homes and businesses.

Houston's low elevation and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico result in occasional flash floods and heavy rainfall due to tropical storms and hurricanes. In fact, most Houston area residents have encountered high waters in city streets or have watched news reports of local areas experiencing home or business flooding. As a result, county and federal government offices developed floodplain maps to help identify which areas of the Houston area are more prone to floods because of nearby bayous, creeks, and poor street drainage. However, some homeowners, renters and business owners recklessly forgo flood insurance simply because they don't think they could be a flood victim, or because they live in areas not officially designated as flood prone. Yes, Flood Insurance is needed because it's an important form of financial protection for homes, businesses, and other assets, since flooding can happen anywhere at any time.

While homeowner's insurance and renter's insurance policies are great at protecting possessions in the event of a disaster, they do not cover damage caused by floodwater. Having even one inch of floodwater in a home, apartment or business can cost thousands of dollars in repairs or structural replacement of doors, floors, carpet, walls, and electrical and plumbing damage. When homeowners, renters and business owners factor in other losses such as furniture, appliances, electronics, inventory and other assets, the repair and replacement costs can skyrocket without proper flood insurance. Quality flood insurance allows homeowners, renters and business owners to quickly recover the value of their losses as well as make necessary repairs to the home or business structures with little delay.

Although a home, apartment or office might be located in a low to moderate risk flood area, there is always a possibility for flooding, due to heavy rains, storm surges after hurricanes, or rising water due to blocked storm drains. It is always a wiser decision to err on the side of caution and protect valuable assets and property from fast-rising and unexpected floodwaters. Floodwaters are some of the most destructive, unpredictable and unstoppable forces a homeowners or business owner has to contend with. Small fires can be quickly extinguished, and thieves can be deterred with alarms and security, but there is no quick way to stop the rise of floodwater from entering your personal or business premises. Once the floodwaters have begun to rise and enter into your business, apartment or home, the damage begins immediately.

For those unaware, basic Flood Insurance is provided by FEMA and serviced by local agents so homeowners and business owners will get the same premium rate anywhere they go. But, a quality and experienced insurance agent of choice knows how to properly quote and issue a flood policy to avoid major problems later.  Aegis is here to help Houston area homeowners, renters and business owners get the Flood Insurance protection they need, regardless of their location. The friendly and knowledgeable agents of Aegis specialize in developing comprehensive insurance solutions that offer protection for your home, business and other assets in the event of a flood. Additionally, Aegis offers outstanding coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, businesses, company vehicles, high-value assets, and even life insurance. Aegis also offers substantial savings on annual premiums by bundling insurance policies together. Contact the agents of Aegis at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online today to request a free quote.

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