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Written by Adam Miller
Home-based business still need insurance protection from losses such as Theft, Fire, Liability and other disasters.

Since its foundation, America has always been a country of entrepreneurs and hard-working individuals. Because of this great enterprising spirit, there are thousands of small businesses that start up each year, many of them based inside home offices, garages or basements at the beginning. Although these businesses might start off small, it is critically important to get proper business insurance to protect the assets and financial future of the business in case disaster strikes.

Business insurance, such as a Business Owners Policy, offers a wide variety of protection for home-based businesses and their owners. One of the most important aspects of business insurance, regardless of the business size, is getting adequate insurance protection for equipment, specialized tools, inventory, and business vehicles. For home-based businesses, Homeowners Insurance typically provides no coverage for business-related losses or claims if there is a fire, theft or other disaster. Business Owners Policy coverage can help business owners recover the value of those key business tools and equipment, speeding up the business recovery time.

Additionally, home-based business owners should also have Business Liability protection in case a business client, vendor, or delivery vendor is involved in an accident on the property or injured inside the home. For example, a home-based accountant might have a client trip and fall on their staircase, or a delivery vendor might get hurt on an icy pathway to the front door. In both cases, Homeowners Insurance would not offer any protection to the business owner, and the owner could be sued and lose their home and personal assets to cover the liability. Business Liability coverage would protect the business and business owner by covering liability costs from injuries that occur on the worksite, which in this case would be the home.

Finally, business owners working out of the home also need insurance protection in the event a power outage or natural disaster impairs their ability to perform work. In the same way a restaurant or retail shop might lose revenue or inventory during a power outage, a home-based salesperson, baker or interior designer would also lose revenue due to power outages, natural disasters or Internet disruptions. Business Insurance offers small business owners financial security to ensure their business would survive a temporary closure.

Aegis is a Houston-based insurance agency, and prides itself on supporting Texas-based businesses and their owners through reliable, affordable and quality insurance solutions. The friendly and knowledgeable agents at Aegis will work with you to develop a strategic insurance package that meets the unique needs of your small business so you have protection and financial security at all times. Aegis offers a full range of Business Insurance policies including General Liability, Commercial Auto, Business Owners Policy, Workers Compensation, and many others to ensure businesses have quality insurance protection when they need it most. Contact Aegis today at 713-850-7622 for more information, or go online to request a free quote. Be sure to ask how you can save hundreds of dollars each year by bundling your Business Insurance policies together for maximum savings!

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