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Written by Adam Miller
Prevent car theft and burglaries by following these helpful tips from InsurTexas.

Car theft and break-ins can occur at any time, and in any area throughout the Houston area. Criminals may target vehicles for a variety of reasons, including stealing parts and wheels, valuables left inside, or tools and equipment inside of commercial vehicles. Although it isn't possible to prevent all car thefts and break-ins, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim with a few proactive steps. In today's blog post, we'll discuss helpful hints to discourage car theft and break-ins to keep vehicles and possessions safe throughout the year.

Always Hide Valuables Inside Vehicles

While it might seem like common sense to not leave valuables in plain sight, the reality is that many people carelessly leave valuables in their vehicle while running small errands, pumping gas, or even while parked in their driveway. The primary way to reduce vehicle break-ins and car theft is to remove or hide valuables that might attract criminals. Burglars will often target valuables such as cell phones, wallets, purses, shopping bags, gifts, backpacks, laptop bags, and portable DVD players. These items should be taken with owners, left at home, or locked inside a glove compartment or center console.

Never Leave Running Cars Unattended

A common way car thieves can make off with a personal or commercial vehicle is by waiting for a driver to leave their vehicle running and unattended. This type of crime commonly occurs at gas stations, post offices, and convenience stores where victims often think "they'll only be a minute" and return to find their vehicle gone. Commercial drivers can also have their delivery vehicles or company cars stolen while making a "quick stop", leading to the loss of the vehicle, valuable company tools, and inventory.  Unfortunately, it's common to hear of criminals driving off with unattended cars, even those with young children strapped inside their car seats.

Make Smarter Vehicle Purchases

Each year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau releases their list of Hot Wheels, which are the 10 most stolen vehicles in America. Consumers can benefit from this information by purchasing vehicles that are not as commonly stolen, such as domestic sedans, minivans, and other sensible, less-flashy vehicles. In addition, car buyers can purchase vehicles with anti-theft devices or tracking systems to help deter car thieves.

Whether you drive your own personal vehicle, a commercial vehicle, or delivery truck, it is crucial to make smarter choices to avoid becoming a victim of car thieves and burglars. Aegis, a Houston-based insurance agency, also strives to protect Houston area drivers and owners with reliable, affordable, and top-quality auto insurance solutions. Vehicles owners and commercial auto drivers can have peace of mind that their vehicles and valuables inside are well protected against loss due to vehicle theft, break-ins, vandalism or fire. Contact the knowledgeable and friendly agents of Aegis today for more information, or go online to request a free quote today!

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