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The Dangers of Relying Too Much On Business Technology

In just the last thirty years, businesses have been completely transformed by technology advances, including the Internet, smartphones, GPS mapping, digital video, and more. While most of these devices and advances have improved our economy and various industries, they can also leave our companies vulnerable if we rely too much on them. Today's Aegis blog post looks at some of the dangers that can come when we depend too much on business technology instead of basic security or common sense.

Service Delays

Technology advances have allowed companies to operate more efficiently and more effectively than ever before as they utilize new tools and equipment such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and other special technology to do their jobs. Unfortunately, when technical issues or connectivity failures come up, it can lead to service delays, particularly when there aren't backup plans in place or ways to perform their jobs manually. For example, restaurants and retailers should have a way to manually process payments if credit card systems are down or if POS systems are malfunctioning. Companies need to ensure that their employees know how to perform their job duties correctly even when the usual technology isn't immediately available.

Theft or Property Loss

Companies have also begun to rely heavily on new security technology, such as digital video monitoring systems and other high-tech building alarms to protect commercial properties. However, when businesses rely too much on video technology or security alarm systems, they can become too lax in their basic security measures for protecting the building, employee, and assets. Companies should not neglect basic security measures such as securing high value merchandise and property, ensuring all entrances and exits are well protected, and keeping the commercial site well lit in the evening. These measures can also help protect commercial properties in the event of a security system failure or technology malfunction.

Car Accidents

Finally, businesses should also take caution to not have commercial drivers rely too much on car technology or other high-tech tools when making service calls or deliveries. With more company trucks and vehicles utilizing GPS navigation technology and other driver assistance systems, drivers can become careless over time and find themselves lost or in an accident because of technology distractions. Commercial drivers should be trained to use vehicle technology safely, and to avoid distractions by researching routes before getting behind the wheel.

Technology has helped make our businesses stronger and more stable, but we need to do our part to harness technology advances in ways that don't jeopardize our companies, employees, or assets. Aegis Insurance & Financial Services can help your business be fully protected from potential disasters or major losses through our full range of top quality Commercial Insurance products. If you'd like more information about our customized business insurance solutions, tailored to your specific industry, contact us at 713-850-7622 or fill out our online form for a free quote!

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